SSundee starts another journey in GTA, FOR THE MONEY!!
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50 thoughts on “Minecraft GTA 5: A NEW START WITH ALL THE MONEY!! [1]

  1. 2019 LiKe If YoU aRe AlSo WaTcHiNg In 2K19
    no. stop it.nobody gives a crap that your 5yr old self is watching in 2019. let this goddamn comment section be for the veteran fans. shut up. let us at least enjoy a discussion about the old ssundee. 'cuz at this point this channel is just morgz gaming. ok a bit too far. maybe not morgz gaming but it is an overly family friendly borin' piece o' crap

  2. When he steals the people's things at the begining you can see them typing in chat about it. Just thought I'd share just in case you missed it. Have a nice day!!!

  3. Guys if u have watched the next episodes and rewatched this u can relate..
    Ssundee ep 1: omg I just got a tier 3 sniper!
    Ssundee ep 6-9: oh a tier 3 sniper?meh…

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