Magic: The Gathering – Inside the World's Most Played Trading Card Game | American Obsessions

Wizards, demons and goblins collide in the world’s first trading card game Magic: The Gathering, affectionately dubbed “cardboard crack” by its 10+ million diehard obsessives. From dank, wood-paneled basements to international big money pro tournaments, Magic continues to flourish since its phenomenal debut in 1993.

VICE follows a professional Magic player who dropped out of college for a shot to be number one on the pro circuit, while two brothers wax nostalgic about the spells of old.

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38 thoughts on “Magic: The Gathering – Inside the World's Most Played Trading Card Game | American Obsessions

  1. I still don't seem to understand this game at all but to everyone who plays this game, go kick some ass and enjoy yourself bud 🙂

  2. I hate how they were like 2nd place is the worst try being 9th at a magic tournament atleast when you are second u still get something.

  3. Where does a name like Gaylord come from? Someone wanted a happy king? It seems custom made for those who bear that name.

  4. the italian brothers seem to enjoy it way more, it just seems way more enjoyable when played casually rather than playing it seriously, that dude is beating him self up over loses.

  5. I haven't played in a really long time but I still love MTG the history is bad ass the lore is the best the community is awesome and the game is tops 💥💯💪👍

  6. My parents never let me play when I was a kid, now i finally at 28 bought my first deck, I'm learning now and am so excited, I'm finally one of the cool kids 😊 (my parents said the game was evil)

  7. Froelich? he plays poker pretty well too doesn't he? got 23rd for 230k in the 2018 WSOP main event. This game is infinitely more interesting than poker, but there is way more money and a much broader appeal in poker so I don't see it being supplanted. That said I have sat in a room with 10,000 poker players and found them full of boundless joy and optimism compared to the likes of these dour characters.

  8. yeah none of these guys are getting laid, there is nothing less sexy than this and grown men that play video games.

  9. I organized my boyfriends Magic cards thinking I was helping by putting them in order. My bad…but in my defense he hasn’t played since he was a teenager…

  10. The credit rolling scene with the two kids was the flashback, adorable in its own right,.. Nice video,..

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