30 thoughts on “MAD SCIENTIST – Let's Play – Steins;Gate – 1 – Walkthrough Playthrough

  1. "Okarin" is pronounced "Oh-KA-reen." And his "true name," Hououin Kyouma, is pronounced like "hoe-een KYOH-ma," except you stretch the first vowel out for an extra second or two. The Houou is a mythical bird similar to the Phoenix, while Kyouma is written to mean something like "evil/forbidden truth."

  2. Lo! I come from the future to tell you that you'll start a Patreon as well as get an editor. You'll grow into a great channel and start a line of plushies. Keep going, young Nico, and you'll see greatness!

  3. Nico, chuunibyou is a fake disease in japan that's pretty typical in anime, where people typically act as though they're in some sort of fantasy or supernatural anime (Gundham is the perfect example of this).

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