Lets Play: Monster Squad by (Nexon M Inc.) – iOS / Android – HD Gameplay #1

Collect, Evolve and Battle in Monster Squad


• Embark on an exciting adventure with your Monster Squad all while battling various enemies along the way.
• Find and unlock new powerful monsters and journey with them across various dangerous, yet mystifying, islands!

• During your journeys amass an expansive collection of more than 500 monsters.
• Monsters have different attributes: Fire, Water, Earth, and Neutral.

• Boost your Monsters to power up your stats!
• Evolve or Fuse them to unlock new, exciting, stronger monsters.

• Take your Monsters to the Arena and go head-to-head against your friends!
• Earn weekly rewards and more all while claiming your place on the leaderboards.

• Mix and match Monsters to make the best team possible!
• Find the best combination of team effects and bonuses to ensure victory on the battlefield.

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22 thoughts on “Lets Play: Monster Squad by (Nexon M Inc.) – iOS / Android – HD Gameplay #1

  1. Fucking why did this game shut down this was apart of my childhood memory and still have it on my ipad even though they stopped it wth whyyy😭😭😭

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