3 thoughts on “Lee kwang soo first girlfriend – appear on running man sbs – ep 295 English subtitles – CUT

  1. So…… He likes 1. A little strong woman 2. A little chubby 3. Polite to everyone especially to elders 4. Cares for him 5. Glamorous 6. Not so tall 7. Smiles a lot 8. Acts cute 9. Cooks good food 10. Older than him. I know a great candidate. Though he's kind of a playboy I wish he can settle down soon so he'll be able to grow more and mature and will surely help him achieve his movie dream he's been longing for. Even Haha stopped playing childish acts at age 34. At the expense of RM, it surely worth it. KS have sacrificed enough and he's also not getting younger. Until when can he act fool or getting bullied. He's not the maknae anymore but even the real maknaes are disrespecting him. What gives? It took KS years to be able to do the same to the older members and he only does those to retaliate with reasons and not just mere disrespecting like what those new maknaes are doing to him and them. Indeed, the most hardworking man in RM and my heart aches the most for him. He only holds all the injustice given to him especially those hard hits on his heads and body with his slim figure. I wonder how can someone so bulky and full of muscles be so petty on someone who is more weaker than him. I could have just passed it off it I were in 2015 but for God sake it's now 2019 and he's still like this? Come on where is the nametag ripping and other intense games that requires strengths? Is the bully character still alive? Isn't this already a talkman show? Let KS body and head be in peace every week can you? He has muscles and strong but is so pale in comparison to you. Every time you hold that plastic hammer toy it doesn't last one round and ends up breaking. Just imagining the strength you put onto his head and his face expression and conparing to you happily exerting your strength. Can this be compared to bullying? Strong person bullying the weaker but when stronger person in front of him he keeps quiet. cough Choi Min Soo cough Start thinking KS as your mom then may be you can start treating him with respect and not just some kind of a low comedian you can hit every time you pleases. I know you maintains friendship outside show but to keep seeing this for 8 years. I don't want to see anymore. You should develop a new character without putting KS to a disadvantage for your screentime and stop being a bully at age 42. Doesn't look good. Trust me especially those bulky arms doesn't help at all. Turns off people.

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