36 thoughts on “Kids vs. '80s video games

  1. They said that because the technology is brutally different, so they got confused an then went from upset to lost interest. However, in this case, they would need the minimum, like some tips on how to tune the TV and how each game works to get started. So the fun would happen naturally.

  2. Well of course this shit doesn't click with kids today, most 2600 games are ass and it was more a '70s thing because it came out in '76 and only lasted into '83. A better system to set them up with would've been the NES or Sega Master System. Classics like the original Mario trilogy, Duck Hunt, Fantasy Zone, and R-Type would have been hits with these guys for sure. Atari Pac-Man is notorious for being just about the worst version of that game. Them trying to open the cartridge like a case is kinda sad though.

  3. Those kids are mentally deranged I am 15 and I know how to work a PlayStation one system and NES system and then tendo 64 system a game cube system and all the old systems

  4. ''Kids today should play the classics, they need to try retro.''  also the same people  ''You're too young for these, go play Fortnite & GTA V.''

  5. my daugher is 4 and has already played atari, , and pinball in my basement. i doubt anyone else in her school can say that.

  6. me, my brother, a couple cans of Jolt Cola, some air-popped popcorn (NOT microwaved, it didn't exist yet), a bag of Rold Gold pretzel rods, and our Atari 2600 on a Friday night….Zaxxon, Pac-Man, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jungle Hunt, Pitfall, Maze Craze…ahh, those were the days….

    then we got a Commodore 64 and things REALLY got poppin!!!

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