After browsing through many Instagram pictures I was Convinced that KOH RONG ISLAND was going to be this luxurious PARADISE!
Once we arrived it became clear to me this was not the PARADISE I had been dreaming of and actually was quite the opposite!
CAMBODIA itself is a beautiful and wonderful country but something about this island I just wasn’t feeling it!
we were not lucky with the weather which we should have expected as it is the RAINY SEASON!
I hope you guys enjoy today’s TRAVEL VLOG!

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  1. now i know why i am glad that we skipped koh rong 🤣 and yes the situation in sihanoukville is bad. i heard the same story you did. then again, many places in cambodia were not "clean" (no offense!). julian killed me with his face when you asked him how he likes it 😝 i hope Kuala Lumpur was better 😜 never asked you, did you get a refund on that room? i remember us talking about it back then 🙏

  2. LOLOL OMG all those giant bugs LOL! I'm way behind! But I will be catching up soon! It sucks that your room was horrible!ALSO I WANT TO TRY ALL THE VEGAN FOOD! LOLbut it all looks beautiful!

  3. oh wow, i'm kind of glad we didn't go to Koh rong now! we didn't have enough time when we were in cambodia. It was good to see your vlog!

  4. I have heard that the beach in Cambodia is so beautiful and still on the original nature. Now you prove it for me. I'm glad you had a wonderful time over there with J.
    See you next one!
    PS. Enjoy your work 😛

  5. I feel like now it's my turn to write an essay – so many things to say. Ha! OMGosh at the size of that centipede; it's an actual giant! We are such cheapo's we always seem to end up in rooms with only a fan and air-con is like the most amazing thing when we have one! 😂 Also, literally didn't find a single warm shower in Cambodia. Was it hot water in Sihanoukville in the end? We found what you said about those area's true of Kampot as well, people told us how great it was, and it was fine, but I did find it filthy too. Also because of all the Chinese casino developments. It's so sad, but the reason it's so popular is because gambling is illegal in China, so people either do it illegally or go abroad to gamble!

  6. Definitely go back to Koh Rong in the dry season its beautiful! 😀 Hope you're in a nice place with a beach now 🙂

  7. This place look good at first impression. But you are here for telling people to be careful about the season and room we take,.

  8. Sometimes we can set are expectations too high of a place based on what we see on Instagram! Well this was me with Koh Rong Island!
    I am sure in the dry season it could be must better! But during the wet season you are pretty restricted!
    Have you guys ever been anywhere that didn't meet your expectations?

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