Is Jay-Z Selling Out After Signing NFL Partnership Deal?

Yesterday (Aug 13), it was reported that Jay-Z and Roc Nation signed a partnership deal with the NFL to be a live music entertainment strategist as well as consulting on entertainment and social justice projects. He previously rapped about skipping the Super Bowl and was active in supporting Colin Kaepernick and his blackball from the league.

Ebro in the Morning discussed the new deal, and received calls from our listeners on what they think about the deal overall.


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33 thoughts on “Is Jay-Z Selling Out After Signing NFL Partnership Deal?

  1. Nobody ever talks about this but racism is more tolerated than sexism. Jay-Z partnered with an organization that blackballed Colin Kaepernick for protesting racial injustices and some people don't agree with Jay-Z and some people do agree with Jay-Z. But if Jay-Z partnered with an organization that discriminated against women and females NOBODY would support Jay-Z or agree with him. Just saying.

  2. F that . Dude said we not going to turn on hov ….. That's the reason he can do something like this and not be worried about it…. Like Nas said f#$k Jay z

  3. This dude is not human i can't find a person with lips that big if it's raining get up under jay z lips you cold get under them lips

  4. Whatever happends we need to take care of kapernick. He started this whole thing. So he needs to be in the convo and get the man a job

  5. Listen to Rosenberg, another sell out, wtf you know about the black community? You maybe never drove through a hood, so dont say what black people think. Only thing you should have a say in, is the sèances your people practice. Cause you listen to rap dont mean you have any understanding of black people. Stfu

  6. Rosenberg is ridiculous. If the NFL was "loosing" in this situation, they wouldn't need Jay-Z in the 1st place. Jay-Z even said they need him more than he needs the NFL. He's being used to try to move the narrative from the protesters and the NFL is WINNING in that regard. Jay-Z didn't use his leverage with the league to impact any type of change before the deal. He could've personally hired Kaep with Roc Nation like he did with Van Jones. These owners are Trump fans and see the players as "Inmates running the asylum", which was a direct quote from the Texans owner AFTER a conversation with the players. You think JAY-Z is really going to change their minds? No. He's not there to change THEIR minds, he's there to try and help the NFL win the PR battle against the protesting players. The NFL is like, "We can't be racist, we have a black friend!", and that friend is now Jay-Z.

  7. People are shouting as if they went out and voted for him. Why don't you take that same energy to your senator, congress, governor and potus? You're effectively paying for their salary through your taxes. LOOOL

  8. The bottom line the owners of these teams are slave owners…and that extents across basketball…we’re owners are all white or predominantly…they are in control

  9. I am just here to say people OPEN UP YOUR EYES, if someone have to tell you how to think and analyze that feeling that you feel deep down. then you are surely in need of major help!!!!!

  10. NFL & Jay-Z do not care about black people. They're trying to make more money by coming together, & creating more controversy/attention around this for more money, like all these other companies are doing for money. Black people, they don't care about you. We're livestock. What the hell could the NFL & Jay-Z do for black people ( The whole community not just a few athletes) to be less affected by deadly racism in this nation??????

  11. Why are people so concerned about a millionaire jock getting his job back. Its amazing normal everyday folk are so concerning about a guy who's actually done very well out of work with his multimillion dollar nike deal.

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