42 thoughts on “iPhone XR Coral – Unboxing & First Look!

  1. Even tho orange is my least favorite color this one hits different. I was debating between the Product red and the coral but my first choice was the red but I think I will go for the red but this color is very majestic. Good review tho👍🏾

  2. My daughter got the phone in coral and I got the 11 in purple and I'm super jelly of her cause she got 256gb and me only 64gb no fair!!!!!!!!!🤔🤨😐😣😡

  3. I got the Coral thinking it'd be more orange but to my dismay, looks a bit on the pink side. I'm on the fence as to returning it but I think I'll sit on it for now.

  4. I will get this soon. Ive checked on the store a had a hold on it. and yes it is good!!! the wide bezel will help a bit, preventing from accidental touch while holding it. and as a guy, this phone size is OK! I am not prefer a tiny phone either. coral yes! thanks for uploading🤠👍

  5. Sadly, the rumors are saying that this year iphone 11R is not going to have coral (orange) and blue anymore, Instead it is purple and green 😭 orange and blue are the best colors in my opinion for iphone xr as well as 11r (rumoured)

    Also why isn’t anyone talk about his accent cus I like his accent tho 😂

  6. Still can't stop debating between black or coral..
    Coral gets too much attention and black is classic! But then again, I don't want too much attention 😂

  7. Watching unboxing videos to decide which colour to pick, I cannot decide if I want to get the blue or coral!!

    Edit: Husband surprised me with the phone, I got the coral one. I love it.

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