36 thoughts on “Intense Street Combat – USMC in Hue City | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay

  1. This game, is fucking ass. Literally campers and snipers everywhere. You can’t do anything, you die every minute. Just bought it and have never been so disappointed. I feel like I’m playing black opps nuke town

  2. Make a ps4 sony keyboard make the bitch offical sell it to me for 60$ then port this game over and sell it to me for 60 dollars. Multiply that by millions. How is there not an appeal there. I want these games but do not have the luxury to by a pc to play it. Its (insert current year) do we still need to be restricted in gaming by goddamn console limitations.

  3. Do you still play? It's had many improvements since, much better now, all the things you complained about have been changed.

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