IKEA Smart Lights are FINALLY GOOD!? Ikea Tradfri Review!

We have tested Ikeas smart lights with varying success before, but they seem to have improved in 2019!
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21 thoughts on “IKEA Smart Lights are FINALLY GOOD!? Ikea Tradfri Review!

  1. if you want both, just buy Ikea lights and connect them too the hue bridge, they use the same wireless protocol (Zigbee)

  2. Setting up Tradfri is not complicated just a little frustrating. Install the Ikea app and the Apple home app. Set up the Tradfri Gateway powered on and connected to your router then set up the remote control. You can then set up bulbs or the wireless smart socket. Once you can see the devices in the Ikea app go over to the Home app and use the devices from there. To get someone else using the Home app invite them from your App on your phone.

  3. I don't like how complicated turning a smart bulb on and off becomes. Wall switches become useless and you need a separate gadget in your router other than the remote control you showed. Even then, you have to care about batteries for your remote control and I don't even know if it all works if you loose internet (I suppose you wouldn't be able to use your phone but the remote control would still work, maybe).
    Smart bulbs are just not that convenient.

  4. another dump price for the hue lights..no one buy for the originl prices on the hue website !!! you get all of this for half the price !!!

  5. Really cool video, helped me decided what to get. Thanks!

    One thing about the video itself though, I felt the sections which contain just the phone app screen were useful but it would have been even more useful if it was off to the side of the screen and we could see what it was doing. I know you were describing it but it felt a little disconnected if you get what I mean. Awesome video though! 😀

  6. I kind of always knew they would get it together. Let's hope they get it together with the compatible Symphoniskspeakers and the Fyrtur blinds. What's next?

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