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  1. Ok! Reina, the bread in the salmon wrap you just tried is called in Sweden "Thin bread" or " Tunn bröd", it´s vete based bread. And we use it for several different meals, such as, if you like to have a " Thin bread role", that would consist of the bread, 1or 2 grilled or cooked hot dogs, mashed potato and a Swedish relish made of mayo that consist shrimp, (mayo)cucumber, to that you also put 1-2 tomato slizes and sallads leafs and some mustard/ketchup and the you role it together and eat.

  2. Hi Reina,
    here in Germany the IKEA restaurant prices are really cheap: the cinnamon roll is 1 EUR (1.15 USD), the cakes are between 1.10 and 1.95 USD, the meatballs (without edamame but with much more cranberries) are between 6.00 and 7.80 USD for the big portion, pork schnitzel is the same price, the salmon wrap is between 2.20 and 2.80 USD and coffee is 1.10 USD (refill).
    I like your channel – thanks to Ericsurf6 that I found you…

  3. Most of the same food they have here in northern California. Most of it pretty bad. Cheap, but bla cafeteria food. You got it right on.

  4. Can't wait to see you on the next meal time with Eric, surfer six, ,😁😍🤗 love you Reinamplify, God your so pretty,,🤩

  5. More videos like this one would be great! For sure this is the best video you guys have put up, tons of likes. Is there a domestic Japanese company similar to Ikea or Costco, that has a food court inside their stores, it would be interesting to see if something like that exists? Also, what about that place that serves Japanese style school lunches? Keep going with the interesting food and cooking 🥘 videos!

  6. Wow im from sweden and i didnt know ikea had so much food lol. Btw that bread on the salmon roll is a bread called tunnbröd! It means thinbread, you can buy it in evdry super market here in sweden.. also that chocolate almond cake is called daim cake, exact same one can be bought frozen in stores

  7. I like how everyone is politely eating moderate amounts of food with their families and you guys are just like "ITS POWER CHOW HOUR!!!"

  8. Subscribed but here's a tip: have a better view, or a moment of a good view, of the food. Because I feel like since I don't see the food well, I don't have a good connection with your experience, so I am not interested in watching. So… More food porn shots please

  9. At 8:02, look out Reina it appears Frankie's paternal drive is alive and well as he displays some traditional 'clucky' behavior. Keep up the great videos.

  10. Love the video. I have never seen the food from IKEA before……such interesting food! Please include prices for us curious people.

  11. You are so much more relaxed and natural on your own channel. Nice job Reina! Curious to see what you got planned for your next vid.

  12. I cant wait to get ro Japan in June. Tokyo for 2 days then to Aikido to se my Daughter. From there who knows. Would love to meet you and Ericsurf6 in Person. You have opened my eyes to great food we dont get in the US.

  13. Wow, thank you Rein…We have an IKEA about 20 minutes from my town, I’m going just to try their food! It looks like all the food you tried would be something we have at ours here in the states. it’s all Very American like food too. All looks so good, I might have to go check it out tomorrow..Great advertisement, it worked! lol

  14. LOL at Frankie in the beginning- we see you! You are a good sport my man. Don't take negative comments personally, I enjoy your banter.

  15. you guys are awesome….hope you go far…. enjoy watching sand giggling along….is a bit silly too….thumps up from the far off place of north georgia….

  16. I live in a part of the u.s. where you can smoke cannabis legally.
    I pretty much have the same reaction when I eat garlic bread anymore. 😀
    I want to see Japanese Pringles please.

  17. Everything looks yummy… You always have a good time, fun to hang with 😊 (btw.. I don't want to sound creepy or come off like a fangirl.. the no makeup thing, your so beautiful for real)

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