45 thoughts on “IGN Reviews – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review

  1. How come every Storm Game is reviewed by some League of Legends nerd who finds excuses like "The AI is bad because it's dodging everything" or "The roster is too big"? Why do they review these games at all?

  2. This guy says "Nerudo" so many times this belonges on r/cringe…
    Not to mention he mislabels Minato as Hiruzen Sarutobi?!?! Ya'll need to seriously work on that. That's a BIG no-no. Minato straight up looks like Naruto.

    Then he says that the character list is full of "bottom of the barrel characters NOBODY HAS EVER HEARD OF BEFORE"

    You're the only one to have not heard of them because you're reviewing a game YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT.

    This being said, I love this game.

  3. Can i ask one thing, did the game came out "physically" or we can only get the game from dowloading the game from Eshop?.

  4. First of all the Third Hokage is not Naruto's father. Second of all maybe you would hear about these "bottom of the barrel characters" if you actually watched the show. You don't even pronounce Naruto's name right.

  5. Thank you for the awesome review I’m going to get this Naruto game but the reason I watched this video is because I had no idea which game to choose from!!!!M

  6. Probably wont get a response on an older game like this, but as someone who is a newer Naruto fan, and only on about episode 50 of Naruto Shppuden, would this game have any sort of spoilers in it? I just really want a Naruto game for my PS4.

  7. It is an amazing game, played it for at least a 100 hours and your review does not honor it enough. It deserves at least a 9.4

  8. this is the first time I heard the third hokage is naruto's father ………… truly dissapointing IGN . Also try to pronounce Naruto correctly . A truly dissapointed !!

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