12 thoughts on “ICSI President’s interview on ET Now

  1. Teri ma ka bhosda madarchodd….teri gand me bhot Charbi hai costing ka ppr tough dalneka bc hamara kya Lena Dena be coating se hijde ki aulad…saale jhate ek ek page ka MCQ daala hai guys in June 19 exam …teri saat pushte kabhi cs k aajubaju na ghume

  2. Icsi need to do work on its performance related to Registration of students. There are lot of complaints about bad registration facility

  3. I have applied for June 2019 CS Executive (OLD SYLLABUS) Examination.

    I have following queries regarding the above mentioned topic:

    1) Can I appear for cs executive new syllabus,dec.2019 examination?

    2) What is the last date to apply for switchover?

    3) Would I be liable to appear for PRE-EXAMINATION?

    4) If I complete the switchover process before my June 2019 CS executive (OLD SYLLABUS) exam, then will i be bound to appear for June 2019 Attempt?

  4. Very well explained .Thank you so much sir proud to be as a student of company secretary. …..
    ICSI needs president like you … Please make awareness programme so students who live
    rural area grab this opportunity. ….

  5. Voh sab theek hai …pr sunn is Baar agar executive programme mein agar 8 marks ke liye announcement draft krne bola na …bhenchod tere goto pe aisi chamat maruga na saali saat pushte CS nhi bann payegj

  6. A good experience for students who wants to join in company secretary course sir,
    Pls provide this type of awareness
    So that public and students to know that what is CS and what is the role of CS corporates

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