21 thoughts on “Icebreaking & Trusting Games – Active Citizens of Europe (Day 1)

  1. Wish you'd focus on explaining the game and listening to ppl so we understand, rather than playing a song and we just figure it out.

  2. Elizabeth Totor
    1 second ago
    I am the HR in the company, after we done with this great game 👍👍👍 we give everyone a thank you bag like this one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071Z4K1BC    -📨📜with a thank you personal letter 😊 that I wrote for each one of the employees

  3. Cant releive a smile whike watching. Its great. A love from each other and trust can felt. Good for team building and builing relationship of friendship hopefully you make discription for each game. I want to learn and apply it to our church activities for RUN FOR JESUS AND AMAZING RACE substitute for our nxt plan.

  4. Cool ice-breaking games! We're offering some ideas and challenge for your company team building event, check on us 🙂 With Charity purpose!

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