Hyun-Jin Ryu: One of MLB's Top Pitchers in 2019

Hyun-Jin Ryu has DOMINATED so far in 2019! He currently has MLB’s lowest ERA at 1.26 and has a 9-1 record! Watch the Dodgers pitcher fool hitters in this reel!

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34 thoughts on “Hyun-Jin Ryu: One of MLB's Top Pitchers in 2019

  1. He"s trash he played in national league and he played for the Dodgers .Of course he is going have a little bit of a good record playing for the dodgers . Hes going get rocked more in the American league .His era more likely going to be around 4.00 and wins lost going be like 10- 10 with era above 4.00 let's pay him 80 million he is past his good years .And the Dodgers know he was more hurt then he let on also lets get a deal well we can ya Toronto Good luck with that Jay's come see me at the end of the year

  2. Next year's MLB weather forecast :
    " A monster haunted in LA ,now it can be seen in Toronto once in five days.
    His 'Happy Hunting Ground' will be stretched from Eastern Canada, down through the eastern United States.
    He probably live in this area. Look out for that 'Big Yeti' "

  3. Who’s here because we ready to see the Yankees take him deep center field lol. Na I’m just jk as a Yankees fan I like the competition and wish the jays well.

  4. Usually, Asian players have lower grades if they enter the Major League, but Ryu is better than he was in Korea. I can't fathom how hard he must have tried.

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