Hyun Jin Ryu hits his first career home run, a breakdown

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23 thoughts on “Hyun Jin Ryu hits his first career home run, a breakdown

  1. We get it , you’re an AL fan… I love how every AL fan just hates that the NL doesn’t have the DH for no apparent reason. Oh and there are actually pitchers that can hit FYI

  2. This year, Babe Ryu hit one off the wall to about the same spot in Pittsburgh with the bases loaded (IIRC) that would’ve been out in 2/3 of ballparks. Just not PNC Park.

    Us Dodger fans have been waiting for this moment, and in this game and a few games before, Joe and Orel were talking about when Ryu might finally do it.

    Bellinger hit a grand slam that same inning and it was somehow only the second best home run.

    But Ryu has always been a pretty good hitter, even when the stats aren’t there. I believe his previous start he had an RBI single to tie it or take the lead.

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