HUGE Youtuber Signs Clothing Deal W/ ADIDAS!!

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44 thoughts on “HUGE Youtuber Signs Clothing Deal W/ ADIDAS!!

  1. Yo ima say this now, The new street fighter game is on a come up. I seen commercials of it from time to time. I see it on Tv and all that lately. They slowly growing.. first showed up on a commercial during the NBA finals a year to two ago.

  2. Jeez, the more you guys talk, the more indicators that you guys aren't educated on any of the things you guys are talking about are showing. Please, research more about adidas, hell even Nike, they do as much lifestyle collabs shit as any other brand. Gaming is literally the top entertainment of this generation. Please follow this format. Bring a topic message in a company email. That way everyone can research it and be enlightened. Then they can bring to the table what they think about FACTS instead basing everything on what they feel. It's why FSR shits on this.

  3. Guess what though these gamers are living lavish they making hundreds thousands even some millions of dollars and those that can compete in tournaments range from 13 and up lol

  4. I love the vids, but I cringe every time you guys talk about gaming. Can you guys get like 22-25year old that grew up in the mw2-league of legends era to be part of this? They would rep and explain that to you guys better.

  5. Gamers like to go to gaming events and wear their cool gamer merch so it isnt that far-fetched to have gaming themed sneakers and apparel

  6. damn, pretty disappointing to see y'all talk about gamers like this. you gotta educate yourselves a bit (faze, optic, 100 thieves), cause they be puling off better fits than you guys sometimes lol

  7. I don’t understand why brands are signing deals with ninja. He was big at one point but he’s not the best or biggest streamer by any means at all.

  8. This video was ass can’t even watch it he ain’t a YouTuber he’s a streamer /pro gamer
    The only thing worse was tans haircut and stereotypes

  9. I've been a competitive gamer since I was 11 ( now 25) . I still stream, and routinely workout 5 days a week and prepping for competitions. I also work in a hospital 36 hour a week. Anddddd I hate cheetos.

  10. OH i get it now…what Adidas is trying to do is just like what Bape is doing with PUBG! They are all dipping into the gaming industry. Maybe adidas XBOX controllers? I dunno man.

    What maybe Adidas tryna do is like get gamers (which all is not into adidas and streetwear) like maybe purchase some adidas gaming merchandise? Or get streetwear enthusiasts to buy like their gaming stuff on their streetwear??

    Also just like how we want to even have these “streetwear” we have in our games!

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