How to Upgrade DJI Mavic Pro Firmware with DJI Assistant 2

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Here are some helpful tips on how to upgrade firmware with DJI Assistant 2 on DJI Mavic Pro.
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40 thoughts on “How to Upgrade DJI Mavic Pro Firmware with DJI Assistant 2

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  2. Dear DJI. Why nothing happening if I connect the controller with the phone via cable? I watch tutorials and do step by step but nothing happening at all. Connecting fine to the wifi but not with cable. Also I got notification today via wifi that have controller update and downloaded but gave error on update so I closed drone and remote and went home to laptop to use Assistant and upgrade like this but now when I open assistant it says everything updated it does not give me any updates. I check in app again and this time it says all on latest but im 100% sure it gave error on update install and never pop up new update on pc nor in app anymore. sorry for bad english. Any advice how to get cable work and to be sure all is up to date ?

  3. My DJI assistant 2 is being blocked by something in my computer. I can't see it listed in the Windows 10 to release it and Malwarebites doesn't show it either so what's blocking it and how do I fix it?

  4. hello dji support i upgraded my controller perfectly when the time comes of drone my drone didnt get connected with it. i have been trying since 4 days to connect drone with dji assistant 2 but it is not being connected. nothing comes in the dji assistant when i connect it with my pc. please help. and my remote is also not getting linked with the drone and i thought upgrading but drone is not responding well. help. SOS

  5. Hi dear colleagues, please help me, I decided to update the control panel, and was your error, the firmware failed, now my firmware version V 00.00.0000 … I can not connect to my drone and can not update due to your program dji assistant I am very unhappy and a little angry, such an expensive device I bought now it does not work with your new firmware, please help me thank you.

  6. Mine just stays at the USB waiting to connect screen. I've tried different cords, computers, turning off firewall, and driver signature enforcement to no avail.

  7. After trying to update the firmware and it failed multiple times, the RC is completely non-responsive I've tried updating it using the DJI go 4 app and DJI assistant 2 on multiple mobile phones and laptops, and multiple USB cables and it still says "connecting" without responding.

  8. I finally managed to do the update to 01.04.0500 !!
    If you guys are stuck to "firmware update" and can't make your update from your phone/tablet this is the way I managed to do it.
    1- Install DJI Assistant 2 on your computer (you can find the software on the website 2- Plug the drone in USB with your computer and turn it ON. You should be able to install the latest firmware update on the drone.
    3 – Now this is the step that kept me stuck for a while, you need to upgrade the remote as well. In order to do it, you must plug your remote with USB cable on your computer, turn on the remote, TURN on the drone as well! Once everything is ON you should be able to update the frimware from the controller. I hope this help 🙂

  9. DJI you are the most frustrating company, I'll say it again please make your software where it's user friendly. I've been trying to get this Assistant 2 to work for over any hour now. I just can't with this company.

  10. my controller from the mavic pro 2 isnt recornized if i plugged via ubs to the pc it sasy battery is full i push connect button DJi assistant 2 no reaction. also not via the app in android . what can i do to update the controller.

  11. The downward vision position system on the aircraft is giving an error. I connected it to the DJI Assistant 2 (Mavic Pro) but it is not detecting the aircraft. I am logged in but it flashes how to connect the Inspire 2. I have used two different USB cables and two different ports on Alienware 17 R4 laptop but it is simply not detecting the aircraft when followed instructions as shown in your video on YouTube.

  12. Ok, random but how do I find the DJI Pro assistant on my computer? Is it an app download or ….? Because I can't find it on their website.

  13. it goes fucking slow to download the update… fucking hate it. And i have the fastest internet there is!!! … so many problems al the time… And sometimes i go for a work. and it wants to update firmware.. and there goes one battery just before i wanted to work. like cmon.. stop update firmware plzzzzz

  14. Some videos show how to upgrade the firmware without connecting the cable to the drone, just to the remote, and the remote is connected to the drone using wifi.
    What's the best method?

  15. My Samsung galaxy A5 6 used to work perfect. Now it will not connect, just a black screen and I'm sick of it, cant do anything with it. the problems ive had with this drone is a joke, spent more time doing downloads and up grades than time in the air flying. Might as well sell it.

  16. this company is seriously messed up. they need some real competition. theres no way why I should have a brand new drone that doesnt work properly right out of the box. the obstacle avoidance does not work, i tried updating both the controller and the drone and that does not hep anything. the assistant 2 app doesnt allow me to get past step 3 of the tutorial of the calibration process. like wtf.

  17. I have made available custom firmware mix that now fixes the muddy, poorly compressed 1080p 60fps issue. Also with the features of version .0700 which will allow you to modify flight parameters and retain them. The best of all worlds. available here:

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