How to Update the Mavic 2 Firmware with DJI Assistant 2

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The Point of Interest 2.0 mode on Mavic 2 Series allows your drone to orbit your subject, creating 360 degree footage.
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47 thoughts on “How to Update the Mavic 2 Firmware with DJI Assistant 2

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  2. it doesn't work like almost all the DJI's software
    Maybe i have to sell all my NO APPLE electronic devices and buy just Apple devices: in every tutorial they just connect remote controller and drones with apple devices.
    In any case, i'm complaing that my PC can see the mini SD card installed into the drvone when i connect the drone to the PC, but the DJI assistant does not see it
    Can you please make a tutorial how to solve the problem instead to make tutorials in which everithing works well?

  3. Cannot log into my DJI assistant 2 after purchasing products. Spent a few hours trying to get it working and found no support yet. Because I am forced to activate – it's just useless electronics 🙁

  4. I downloaded the DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic 2 on three separate times. The program would install on my 64 -bit Windows 10 laptop, but when it ran, the screen was completely blank except for a little DJI logo on the upper left of the menu bar. What gives? I need the update to connect my DJI Goggles to the Mavic 2 Zoom.

  5. I cannot log in to DJI Assistant because no verification code is displayed. How can I get this to display? I have already tried restartring PC, restarting app, etc. Bad program .

  6. Just spent 1249 euro for mavic 2 zoom…. both controller and drone firmware update with: iphone, android and pc DOESN'T WORK. excellent.

  7. мой Mavic zoom не обновляется, мне выдает ошибку, КАК ОБНОВИТЬ ЭТОТ ГРЕБАННЫЙ КВАДРОКОПТЕР???????????????????????????

  8. Dji assistant 2 for Mavic doesn’t recognise device this is happening to numerous customers. What a terrible software.

  9. DJI should include the iPhone with their Mavic 2 drone as android phones would not work! The should call it Fly with Apples combo

  10. There's a DJI Assistant 2, which says it's compatible with Mavic Pro, and then there's a DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic, which says it's compatible with Mavic 2. So which one is for the Mavic 2 Pro?

  11. Dji Mavic 2 zoom update 01.00.0200 when i try to update, app dji go say "dji update failed network disconnected" I try in 3 diferents fones and all they say the same msg, I Try on the PC, the Dji assistant 2 download normally the update, but the software stops in 0% when its time to transfare for the Drone. I Need Help with that, my remote controle update normally for the last update with app dji go but the Drone doesn't. Sry about my inglish I'm froom Brazil

  12. Interesting! After upgrading the CONTROLLER with the DJI Assistant app, …. I didn't have a USB-C lead to update the drone, .. so I tried to update the drone through the DJI GO App (previously failed multiple times to update the controller / drone). This time, with the controller already updated the the newest firmware, the DJI GO App allowed me to wirelessly update the drone firmware!

  13. Any news on when RE goggles will work with Mavic 2 pro? I just received mine yesterday and the Mavic 2 option isn't available in the setup menu. The assistant 2 also is of no help as it is stuck on thinking I need to plug in a drone I don't even own…the inspire

  14. Following right steps, again and again, firmware update failed becouse network error. Network test is ok on all other apps. I tried firmware update from Android Note 9 and 2 laptops. After 8 or 9 procedures, update seems OK. Last firmware version have gimbal error, I just broke my Mavic 2 ZOOM in same trees 🙁 This is extraordinary product but software sucks

  15. I received my M2P yesterday, watched the setup videos and got it up and flying. Had no trouble updating the firmware on the controller and the aircraft, did it with USB cable and my computer is a MacBook Pro. Was a bit worried about how the DJI GO 4 app would behave because of so many, not so great, comments I saw in the web but to my surprise, I had zero trouble! To sum it all up, my experience getting my M2P and controller ready for its first test flight was a 10 out of 10, ten being a PERFECT SCORE! Cheers!!!

  16. I wish I can send you a photo on how the dji assistant 2 look like from the the link you sent!! You guys are messed up!! I've contacted DJI SUPPORT and you gave me a link of a video tutorial for first flights??? I had a crash, my firmware is not updating, hyperlapse is missing, calibration got stuck,…… I've stated a lot of problems and that is your reply??? I WANT TO SEND YOU BACK THE DRONE!!

  17. Same error, can't update the drone. Get a message that update failed because of internet connection. Internet works fine, but even with 4G it won't download. First thing you'll need to do after starting up the drone is updating, and it doesn't work. very frustrating.

  18. Spent all last night and no joy connecting drone and controller. No instructions or explanation in a PDF or quick start guide. Totally useless. Today all day four calls to DJI and 2 out of four calls produced zero result, one call discovered about DJI assistant. Sooooooo many hurdles in setting up procedure that its NOT a get up and Go product anymore. Mandatory login with an ID before you can use, so whole world knows am out filming and revealed location. Finally got firmware upgraded but cannot connect controller and drone to the app, so no camera view or flying possible. Strangely Go App 4 as was on my phone for last Mavic I had showed Mavic Pro live camera view. Now I don't even get that after firmware upgrade. Flattened batter y 4 x doing all this whilst waiting for combo batteries to arrive. I challenged DJI on overheating of sensor reports and live skipping for confirmation or denial. They said they would email me with the facts. I said would dump the product by weekend if no proof am not being cheated on sensor recorded resolution. My cooling off period allows me to back out of my purchase agreement. Fix for any overheating issue IMHO cannot be solved via a firmware that " might " be line skipping to lessen the workload on the sensor capture. If full actual sensor pixels not utilised, then product recall will be ultimate result and camera redesigned and retro fitted. Think only the Zoom model will survive this, as it looks like a hardware design error or failure to anticipate before they tooled up for production. Anyone know the truth ? Four days left for me to establish if a good buy or rush released pile of junk.

  19. Im just holding off buying Mavic 2 zoom untill firmware sorted for Andriod i just keep fly old Mavic any date aproxx when it will be sorted regards

  20. Having watched all the set up videos on YouTube and with a Galaxy S9+ and Good internet connection, I have just spent the last 4 hours trying to update the firmware of my mavic 2 pro. DJI you need to up your game. I've flatted both the controller battery and the drone battery without even flying the thing trying to get it updated. If I don't crack it on the next attempt, it's going back in the box and I'm getting a refund. The short micro usb to usb c cable does absolutely nothing. I've had to connect the usb a to the control and usb c to my phone. Ps I've had the spark for over a year and have updated it many times with no problems with it.

  21. U guys need fix your updates because some of us dont have internet at home u need network for internets to work on laptops i just have a phone that i cant update my freaking drone because of a error saying no internet connection fix this bug

  22. I can't update it says it cannot conect to network on DJI GO app and Desktop, i was able to update the controller but not the mavic 2 pro😢

  23. I am having trouble updating my firmware for my Mavic 2 pro. I am currently using my Galaxya S9+ and the firmware just wont accept. Please help

  24. Good job, I love this video. So inspiring. I also have my YouTube channel where I’m showing beach fashion, bikinis review. Go check it out please

  25. DJI, its really hard to keep up with all of your annual releases! With that said, I still couldn't resist another Mavic 2 Pro (3rd one in about a year), and I have to say I'm very happy with the camera improvement! And the Active Tracking 2.0 is amazing!

  26. i update my controller firmware to V01.00.0000 using the assistant 2 app, and it wont install, keeps reverting to 00.06.0000, tried restrting, changing cables, nothing will let the firmware install, cant install from my phone either, keeps saying network disconnected, any ideas?

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