How to teach her morning exercise, Baby Hazel Sports Day, Baby wake up in the morning to exercise

How to teach her morning exercise, Baby Hazel Sports Day, Baby wake up in the morning to exercise. Please like, share video, subscribe channel for more video
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Early in the morning, he called up Baby Hazel Sports Day, he worked very hard to practice sports in the morning, helping him stay healthy, study well at school, and he and his kids practice gymnastics. Brightens to enhance health

Annual Sports Day is organized at Baby Hazel’s preschool! Can you help her in practicing for the sports day? Finally, join Baby Hazel and friends to participate in sports day event and enjoy competitive games such as Spoon and Egg race, Frisbee Throw and many more. Let’s see which team wins the trophy. Let’s cheer the kids!!!

Get Baby Hazel ready for fitness routine
It’s Sports Day! Baby Hazel needs to practice for the event. Can you wake up little princess and convince her to get ready for her fitness routine?

Help Hazel to practice for sports day
Baby Hazel is ready to practice for Sports Day! Help her to warm up with initial exercise and then practice for the event. Also assist her in following dad’s instructions carefully.

Dress up Hazel in sports day outfits and accessories
Superb! Baby Hazel has practiced well. Now bathe little princess and dress her up in sports day costume and accessories.

Play competitive Sports Day games with kids
It’s Sports Day! Watch Red Velvet Vs Blueberry! Kids are ready for competition with initial warm up. Cheer up the kids. Let’s see which team performs well and wins medals and trophy. Happy Sports Day!!!

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