How to save the game in NieR: Automata | Explained | Written Commentary

“How do you save?” is one the most frequently asked question by NieR: Automata players. In this walkthrough guide will show you HOW TO SAVE the game in Nier: Automata.

Nier: Automata does not have the auto-save feature. To save the game manually you have to be within the range of an activated (unlocked) Access-Point. This is how you save your progress in the game in Nier: Automata.


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15 thoughts on “How to save the game in NieR: Automata | Explained | Written Commentary

  1. It's not problem for me if i have many time for play games, but now i dont enough time for play it. So fuck with this game why we cant auto save. Fuck im tired

  2. I realize that ALL the people that comented are complaining about "the stupid saving functionallity".
    I mean, if you're really stupid I can understand why you rage quited. All the dipshits that can't pass the tutorial stage in Nier:Automata even on Easy are seriously deplorable. Go back to fortnite, at least in that game there is no need for saving.

  3. Thanks man. I had this game running all day, from morning to evening, because i couldn't find a way to save. Hahahaha. I had got so used to autosaves these last years, that i forgot the time when i was playing PSX and i had to save manually only on certain areas. Many gamers complain that this game is difficult because it doesn't have autosaves. They didn't live the golden era that i'm talking about, when ALL games were like that.

  4. i dont approve of modding games usually,but someones gotta make a mod that allows us to save where we left off.i will be searching for a mod like this before i play nier

  5. like what kind of fucktard designs a game like this? I don't care that theres no autosave, but you have to play the first level that's SOOOO long and then save? WTF! Add in the endless crashes and that's even better! WTF kinda game is this?

  6. i didint get, i was start to think there is bug on CPY crack, is this seriously firstly i need to take those 2x blades to get in to town for saving ?????!!!!!!!!!!

  7. So many positive reviews about this game and not body mentioned that the game doesn't save automatically to me that's a down vote

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