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  1. I really hope that Touken Ranbu Online will someday get translated in English. I like the original Japanese voices so just Patches would be like heaven for me…
    There are great translations but all the Kanjis are too much for my lazy brain.

  2. I want to watch the anime of this, and I thought it would be useful to understand the game before watching the anime. This was very useful, thank you! If only the game was in English, I would totally play it, it looks amazing!

  3. I’d play the game but sense I don’t speak Japanese and they don’t have this game in English or more easily available to those outside Japan … I think I’m gonna stay with the anime. .. hope they realize there’s a fan base for Touken ranbu outside Japan …..

  4. It amazes me just how into their own country's history the Japanese are. It does make sense. They have literally THOUSANDS of years of backtracking to learn whereas the US has only 242 years to celebrate from, and their history is still richly ingrained into the every day lives of their citizens, whereas Americans don't give two shits about what happened in our land 400 years ago. Also, they like to read more (there are 4 times the # of bookstores in Japan than here), and their educational system is leagues better.

  5. I would definitely play an game like this, I hope koei or bandai makes and action rpg game of these characters I hope the anime series will succeed

  6. I've been hesitatin' in playin'this game since like when it became popular and the trend when err'one else is playin" it

    is it really that good or do people just play for the hot bishounens and guys? fun? addicting? or just somethin' to kill timewith ?

    any reply is appreciaTed, please

  7. I actually have zero interest in playing the game and was only mildly curious but was really impressed at your concise explanations that I watched more of the video than intended. One notable detail was when you explained the difference in color logic b/w japanese and western culture. Cool stuff.

  8. VN ver
    I/ 1:52: Văn phòng
    –7:33: nút xám bên trái kiếm

    II/ 2:09: Tiền tuyến

    1/ 2:19: Xuất trận
    a/ 3:04: Scouting
    –3:14: Battle Formation (Scouting suceed)
    –3:21: Scouting failed
    b/ 4:04 – 4:07: Ranking
    –4:10: Exp + Lv
    –4:21: Nhặt kiếm mới
    c/ 4:50: Đánh tiếp/Trở về

    *4:59: Kiếm gãy T^T
    *5:14: Máu còn 1.
    *5:26 – 5:35: Tuyệt chiệu

    d/ 5:48: Kebishi appear
    –6:20: Bình thường
    –6:27: Mệt mỏi, Kiệt sức
    –6:31: Hoa anh đào rơi ( Lấp lánh)

    2/ 6:49: Thám hiểm
    –7:33: check time

    3/ 7:38: Tập luyện
    *7:51: note

    III/ 8:07: Đội ngũ (*khóa kiếm)
    –8:10: Chọn kiếm, bỏ chọn, thêm trang bị
    –8:21: Đội 2,3

    VI/ 8:33: Rèn kiếm
    *8:49: Danh sách kiếm
    a/ 9:04: Thẻ yêu cầu
    b/ 9:23: Thẻ giúp đỡ
    c/ 9:33: Ema
    d/ 9:54: Phá kiếm lấy tài nguyên

    V/ 10:11: Thiết bị
    a/ 10:13: Tạo Troops
    – 10:37: Hỏng
    – 10:45: Độ hiếm: xanh – bạc – vàng

    VI/ 10:56: Chăm sóc
    – 11:16: Thẻ giúp đỡ (img)
    *11:25: note

    VII/ 11:34: Tinh luyện
    – 11:48: Icon cam, xanh lá, tím, xanh biển
    *12:17: Chỉ số kiếm

    VIII/ 12:51: Nội phiên/ Việc vặt (13:21 – details)
    a/ 13:01: Chăm sóc ngựa – Lãnh đạo và Linh hoạt
    b/ 13:07: Làm ruộng -Sống sót và Thám hiểm
    c/ 13:16: Tập luyện – Tấn công và Thúc đẩy

    IX/ 13:44: Nhiệm vụ

    X/ 14:05: Thống kê-Danh mục & Shop -Phông nền

    Tham khảo: 9 lần 1 đêm

  9. Eng ver
    I/ 1:52: Citadel
    –7:33: grey button
    II/ 2:09: Sortie
    1/ 2:19: Front line (battle)
    a/ 3:04: Scouting
    –3:14: Battle Formation (Scouting suceed)
    –3:21: Scouting failed
    b/ 4:04 – 4:07: Ranking
    –4:10: Exp + Lv
    –4:21: New sword (if)
    –4:24: Evolving(lv 20 – 25)
    c/ 4:50: Cont/Return
    *4:59: Breaking
    *5:14: Leave the battle!!!! HP=1
    *5:26 – 5:35: Awakened
    d/ 5:48: Kebishi appear
    –6:20: Normal state
    –6:27: Orange/Red state – negative (Incoming break!)
    –6:31: Sakura Fubuki state – best state
    2/ 6:49: Expeditions
    –7:33: check time
    3/ 7:38: PvP
    *7:51: Important note on PVP
    III/ 8:07: Formation type
    –8:10: red, black blue buttons
    –8:21: extra teams
    VI/ 8:33: Smitting
    *8:49: Total swords
    a/ 9:04: Requested Token
    b/ 9:23: Help Token
    c/ 9:33: Ema
    d/ 9:54: Break sword –> resources
    V/ 10:11: Armory
    a/ 10:13: Troops
    – 10:37: Failed
    – 10:45: Rarity types
    VI/ 10:56: Repair
    11:16: Help Token (img)
    *11:25: Important note on repair
    VII/ 11:34: Refinery (Power up)
    – 11:48: icons
    *12:17: Character Statistic
    VIII/ 12:51: Internal Affairs (13:21 – details)
    a/ 13:01: Horse keeping – leadership + Mobility
    b/ 13:07: Field work – Hp + Scouting
    c/ 13:16: Sparring – Impact + Impulse
    IX/ 13:44: Missions
    X/ 14:05: Battle records & Shop – nothing there

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