How To Play Magic: The Gathering | Part 1: The Basics

A (hopefully) easy to understand beginner’s guide to Magic: the Gathering using Arena as the means for learning. You obviously can’t cover everything in a single 30 minute video. I will be releasing a series of videos on more specific parts of the game, so that I can provide each facet of Magic it’s deserved time.

If you have questions, the best way to have them answered is to find me live on Twitch at

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27 thoughts on “How To Play Magic: The Gathering | Part 1: The Basics

  1. Magic has sooo many complexities. I did my best to "unlearn" 20+ years of assumptive thinking. Hope you all find the guide easy to understand and enjoyable to watch! <3

  2. Great, easy, and we'll explained. My 7yr old son and I are getting into this. He just learned Pokemon. But likes the art of MTG more. Thanks for this!😎

  3. so does your mana add up each turn?
    Example: 4 green making mana lands that gain u 4 mana, now the next turn you also get 4 mana, does it add up to 8?

  4. I started playing when I was in high school. 4th Edition. I kind of want to try it out again since I kind of quit in the early 2k's. My parents tossed all my old cards when I was in college. Checking your video out because after talking to guys at local game stores, the rules have changed a lot. Thanks for the vid. And as an edit I downloaded Arena. Didn't know it was a thing. Thanks.

  5. 0:31 I agree with that card games like magic the gathering is banned in my reagent and NO one knows about this game to the thing that makes it impossible to play the way I like

  6. This was really helpful for me. I’ve got a Mac and don’t play arena yet but just watching you play makes playing a table game so much easier. Thanks for making this video!

  7. Guess that's it then. Too good to be true. Looks like TK is gone and not coming back. Nothing for awhile on Twitch either. Hope everything's alright in real life and will totally watch again if you make anymore vids TK, but this may be goodbye for real this time.

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