How To: Perma Stealth + PvE Build | Assassin [Blade and Soul Guide / Tips]

In this guide I explain how to build and permanently stealth with an Assassin for leveling/PvE. You can solo almost anything with this, because mobs won’t attack you if properly done.

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32 thoughts on “How To: Perma Stealth + PvE Build | Assassin [Blade and Soul Guide / Tips]

  1. Wow man, yesterday I was looking for an Assassin guide for Blade and Soul, and today for a Croak guide in Battlerite
    And you just did the two, no need to look for another channel, thank you !

  2. so im lvl 21… yet i dont have any points to train my character.. how do i even do this cus i think im doing it wrong or my mind is playing tricks on me… its like i have none at all and nothing shows up besides just my skill window… the points should show but they dont.. i can only change skills around… y?

  3. Well it doesn't trigger as usual as in this video; especially not on lower lvls. I hardly land a crit on my RMB to spam the F and i'm 25.

  4. for anyone who ask if this works ! So yeah it works so good i could Solo bosses with this build but i got so many difficult with others (dark, lighting and more.. )
    And what you should do when the Boss have some gardians with him to focus the Boss..
    When you will get out of stealth and Ur 1 is on cooldown just SS or go to the back of the boss then what you have to do is to get into stealth again and repeat the combo ( RMB-F RMb-F )
    And when you're out of focus you can use X or Poison bomb to poison him and then click 1 so you have extra 6 Sec stealth
    and u can use 3 too if all ur stealth abilities are on CD.. And repeat.. So easy to solo bosses !
    Thanks for the tutorial !

  5. Thanks for the tips it really helped me play sin. Do you have any tips how to get into stealh on bosses? The boss at the beginning of ur video, I think Samjaya or something like that….I can't "Tab" him so i charge then hit my decoy but I'm still not l33t enough to pull off the whole fight. Any tips to get into quick stealth for bosses?

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