39 thoughts on “How to make your own mod for MCPE!!!!![ANDROID] [Old]

  1. Since The 1.5 Update Of The Mods Maker,
    Everything Thing Got Redesigned And Now You Can Only Edit Mobs And Blocks And Sword Image Changer And Turned It Into An Addon Maker

  2. Dude I just got this app and I got a mod it's called the ultimate sword and my picture is like a skull and like it's like a giant gray sword with like a red line in the middle and there's red outlines and like it's super cool and I put really good enchantments on a anvil and dude it was awesome I loved it

  3. Bang itu mod nya bisa di versi minecraft yg baru nga ?? Jawab yah bang saya butuh banget cara mod nya

  4. A real mod creator is where you make ur own textures and those stuff. This thing would be cool if you are able to create your own texture…

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