How to fix Unidentified Network in Windows 10

In this video, I go over basic troubleshooting you can do to fix your Limited/Unidentified Network Connection.

Additionally, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn off the Airplane mode
Windows 10 supports the Airplane mode. You have to ensure that it is turned off. This could be done as follows:

1] Press Windows key + A. This opens the ‘Action Center’.

2] Check if Airplane mode is ON. If yes, change it to OFF and check if the internet connects.

Step 2: Update the Network Card drivers

Sometimes the issue might be with the Network drivers. Update them and see if this helps.

1] Press Windows + X or right-click on the Start button.

2] Click on Device Manager to open it.

3] Find ‘Network Adapters’ and click on the forward pointing arrow to expand the list. Right click on all the Network drivers and update them one by one.

Step 3: Disable the security software temporarily

Many at times, anti-virus or firewall software interferes with the network connectivity or causes other issues. It is understandable that the anti-virus software is crucial for the system, but to isolate the issue, it could be disabled to check if the network connectivity issues resolve in its absence. Right-click on its system tray icon and see if you get an option to disable it. Once disabled, see if you can connect. If you use Windows Firewall, you may want to reset Windows Firewall settings to default and check. If you are using a VPN software, disable it and try.

Step 4: Change your DNS servers

1] Press Windows + X or right-click on the start button.

2] Click on ‘Network Connections’.

3] Right-click on your network connection (Ethernet or Wifi) and click on properties. It might prompt for administrator credentials.

4] Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4.

5] Select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ and set but the preferred and alternate DNS server address as follows to use Google Public DNS:

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

Step 5: Run these commands

Open ‘command prompt’ by searching it in the Windows search bar. Try the following command one by one and restart the system. Basically these commands – renew the IP address, reset Winsock, Flush DNS cache, and reset TCP/IP.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled
netsh int tcp show global


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34 thoughts on “How to fix Unidentified Network in Windows 10

  1. thank you so much I had this problem for so many time I always have to wait 2-3 day for internet people to fix but now I can do by my self

  2. Brand new PC, fresh install of Windows 10. I have tried everything including reformatting and reinstalling. Motherboard is ASROCK b450 Pro4 with Realtek gigabit LAN. Whatever I do, the Ethernet connection just shows as unidentified network. I have a WiFi adapter arriving tomorrow hopefully that works!

  3. None of these things work for me, and ive tryed everyrhing you Said. My computer does say somenthing about database but i dont know what it is?

  4. What is an Unidentified Network, what does that even mean? I am using a VPN, when I click on the internet icon I see an Unidentified Network at the bottom with "No Internet Access", but something the Unidentified Network show "Have Internet Access". What does that even mean? Is someone accessing my router or network from a remote location?

  5. Please don't have your background music the same volume as your voice. It's tough to hear the commentary, especially when you trial off at the end of sentences.

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