How to fix Device Manager Error Code 10 in Windows XP

Steps to fix Device Manager Error code 10 in Windows® XP. Error Code 10 usually pertains to hardware and device driver issues or to compatibility issues between hardware drivers and additional software that is installed on the PC.

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8 thoughts on “How to fix Device Manager Error Code 10 in Windows XP

  1. I'm trying to install my HP Realtek RTL8188CE Wi-Fi card on Windows XP x64 edition. I've tried every x64 driver I could find and still get a code 10. Even worse those drivers are also for the 8192CE and Windows XP thinks it's an 8192CE. Hardware ID in Device manager used to be PCIVEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_16291031C, now it shows up as PCIVEN_10EC&DEV_8191&SUBSYS_819110EC&REV_01.
    Any guesses what's wrong with my Wi-Fi card?

  2. It's counter productive to install Automatic Updates (Microsoft's VIRUSES and MALWARE) you don't need.This is kinda stupid if the error code has anything to do with an INTERNET CONNECTION DEVICE….JEESH….Where do they get these "experts"."have a good day?" Really man?

  3. Do you have any suggestions for Windows7 "This device cannot start(code10)", it happens when I connect my FlashDrive into the USB port and it doesn't load it, when I check the properties, that's the error it gives me. Help please?

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