26 thoughts on “How Much Phone Storage Do You Need?

  1. Thanks… I was looking into a new phone that suits my needs. I was targetting a 64Gb model (Motorola G7 Power, I don't game on my device) and this helped.

  2. As an iPhone user it still annoys me that we are now on iOS 13.3 and Still have no option to clear app cache within settings. Best we have is to off load the apps.

  3. Actually, 64 gb storage is really enough for you. You don't need that much coz you're not gonna install that much apps. I only have a phone with 16 gb

  4. I've over 512gb on my phone, and 90% of it is downloaded Spotify music, downloaded Netflix movies, and downloaded Audible podcasts/books for offline consumption. I hated the less storage capacities of older phones, it was such a pain in remote Alaska.

  5. Currently rocking a 32gb android phone (22gb usable, I only have 10gb left because of apps and one heavy game), but I have a 64gb sdcard for all my files so my phone doesn't act up. About music…. I still prefer them stored locally over streaming them because of limited mobile data bandwidth. But if I have to get an iPhone, 16 or 32gb are my sweet spots. Used to have my old iPhone 4 as a secondary phone and iPod, and 16gb was more than enough for me

  6. Totally worth it. I have tons of apps and shoot photos and video and am always running out of space with 256GB. I have a piano sample set that’s 32gb

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