Everyone keeps asking for a new and updated Master YI guide, but basically not much has changed. Here’s a quick walkthrough on the recent developments from Master Yi and what Cowsep is building.

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I love Master Yi and Master Yi loves you.


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  1. i actually have never played master Yi, im from end S2 but i just didnt knew what to do, now im confident enough to give it a try!
    p.s. i can be your Taric mid ^^

  2. Team don't listen, Don't react to gank even after massive pings, Give out free early kills to enemy, Lose their lane solo, Even after getting lead (thanks to me jungler) they still die 1v1. Carry these guys? Yeh i can carry 25% of these matches And 25 % of all matches are auto wins, together I am sitting on 45% winrate with no idea how to deal with those 75% matches. Any guide online are practically useless if all of your opponents are as fed as you.

  3. German Youtuber says "Just a little bugfix on Master Yi, who cares"
    In reality the winrate increased close 2% in platin+

  4. Wanna one shot?
    Blood razor
    Berserkers graves
    Blade of the ruined king
    infinity edge
    Static shiv
    Essence reaver
    One u finish u sell blood razor for another infinity edge
    Easy pentas

  5. I saw your crit yi, In Aram i always pick lethal tempo and build full crit for fast Q and very useful
    Thank you for crit yi

  6. I would love a funneling guide. I have been trying it out with one of my friends, and it's really fun. But we have no clue what we are doing, so a guide would be appreciated.

  7. spear of shojin is cancer
    and absolutely broken for any champ than can use it effectiveley , renekton, jax, yi …

  8. To be honest I really like shojin build. But it's not really noob friendly. You must really be able to use alpha to dodge cc/dmg and know when to meditate as well. The only hit is much more forgiving

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