HARDCORE COMBAT! – Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

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20 thoughts on “HARDCORE COMBAT! – Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

  1. The thing with the semi auto and the small sign that tells you if you killed somebody was completely what I was doing

  2. I bought this game in 2018, and i can say that it is extremely hard to get into,you really need to have patience.

  3. Im playing in Asian server, in my opinion, the hardest player is asian and aussie, my average kill in asian/aussie only 20-30 but,in EU or US player i can get 50 to 90 kill,with the same map and nice ping

  4. I am a big Battlefield and COD fan But Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is my Favourite The sounds of Battle are incredible.

    That Dink sound when you get a headshot releases Endorphins That no other game brings
    In this game you get hit you are dead or go down to get a Bandage out for quick Repair, I love this game.

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