25 thoughts on “Give suggestions & comments on CS Amendment Regulations 2019 to ICSI

  1. Sir, as per my knowledge, this Draft Regulation does not require the assent of the Parliament and the President.
    The Council is empowered to make changes as it shall affect CS Regulations, 1982; not the CS Act, 1980.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Training must be 15 months , 21months training is too long.after exe. It bring opportunity to student earn before completion of cs ,bring uniformity in stipend. Thanks sir.

  3. Great initiative by ICSI , regarding training but lot of us feel that it should commence after passing one group of executive , as is the case in CA course.

  4. Training should not be for 21 months
    It’s too much, and it should not be compulsory after executive
    It breaks the flow of study after a break of almost 2 years how can you study efficiently like you used to?

  5. Don't make a compulsory training after executive. It'll affect most persons life entirely. Right now, CA students are majorly affected and they hate their own studies because of heavy stuff in their articleship period. So that they can't able to close their studies before their best time of life.

  6. Sir this draft shouldn't be in force it will affect so Manny student like me as I passed 1 group of professional and if this decision have been taken than my future as CS is in danger as now i don't have enough time to take 21month training and than after giving exam .
    Plzz sir opposes this draft hardly plzzz plzzz plzzz

  7. Clearing cs executive exam after one month development programme and 21months training get a certificate it is good initiative helps to doing final programs (migrate students) icsa UK, corporate governance Australia and icsa Canada etc….

  8. Entrance must be there so that only d deserving candidates get d admission in such a professional course in which day n night hardwork is needed….

  9. Girls can opt for training after getting married.lekin shadi k baad professional k written exams…mushkil hojaigi ladkiyo ko.it must be a choice to opt for d training b4 or after professional exams.

  10. Sir i think training after execution programm is neccessary but i think the duration should be 9 to 12 months and then after professional program before membership there should be training of 5-6 month….. after execution programm 22 month training duration is too much

  11. I have cleared executive programme. And enrolled for professional program. Nt yet commence my training. So can I give exam in June 2020

  12. Sir,As of now I already registered for professional programme and didn't commence practical training
    1)shall I eligible for enroll the dec 2019 prof.programme examinations
    2)what will be the training period,if I join in jan.2020

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