Gibson Factory Tour 2019

Go behind the scenes and see new Les Pauls, SGs, Explorers and more at the famed guitar outfit’s newly consolidated Nashville facility.
Don’t Miss a Rundown:
Premier Guitar last toured Nashville’s Gibson USA factory in 2012, so we recently went back inside for a tour of today’s facility. Guided by master luthier Jim DeCola and chief merchant officer Cesar Gueikian, John Bohlinger put on the safety goggles to get a full rundown of how the entire manufacturing process works, starting at the rough mill. We see how Gibson’s skilled builders handle intricate body work, route channeling, binding, neck fitting, finishing, and everything in between.
In 2018, the ES model production line moved from Memphis back to Nashville, so all electric Gibson guitars are now made in Music City (acoustics are made at a factory in Bozeman, Montana). Fun fact: The Gibson factory still uses machinery from the original plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan. So the sides of a 1958 ES-335 were pressed by the same machine that presses a 2019 ES-335’s sides. Technology does the heavy lifting, but humans are still integral to the lutherie process, wrapping binding in specific sequences, aligning and gluing parts, spraying finishes, and more.
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30 thoughts on “Gibson Factory Tour 2019

  1. Nice to see Gibson opening up the facilities after the recent bad press. Also, should the artist at 28:10 be wearing a mask? 😉

  2. J'ai acheté une Les Paul tribute en 2018, elle est très belle. Cependant, elle a un défaut de finition sur le flanc du manche au niveau du palissandre. J'ai du mal à croire, qu'entre toutes les mains qui l'on manipulé lors de sa conception, que personne ne s'est rendu compte de ce défaut qui pourtant est assez visible quand on l'a en mains. Quel dommage, mais cette guitare reste superbe. Voilà, c'est mon seul regret !

  3. It’s crazy how much of the process is basically just an assembly line yet they still charge thousands and thousands of dollars for each of these instruments. Maybe you’re paying a premium since they seem to destroy so many of them with bulldozers to avoid paying tax

  4. 5 guitars
    Gibson Flying V 2005 Cherry
    Gibson Flying V 2016 Black Top
    Gibson Les Paul Standard 1998 Black Top
    Jackson Kelly 2015
    Takamine F400 12 strings

  5. Thank you PM, I enjoyed this Gibson tour and am so glad Gibson is continuing in their traditions of excellence. I am also glad to see that you are creating a 335 type designed by Chris Cornell (and not the one with odd headstock). Perhaps with the advent of this instrument a new era will coincide re: revelations of his passing that indeed was not only the voice for our generation but a true hero who's life was taken because of his fighting wickedness in high places. TY, Matt Dentino, Gibson Les Paul only player and Founder of The Shemps.

  6. I already have 5 Gibsons. If I understood well, I have to purchase 3 more to be the Average Gibson Player ? Well, leave me another 15 years or so.

  7. 1x 4 string bass
    1x 5 string bass
    1x electric
    1x acoustic
    1x electro-acoustic
    1x nylon classical
    … and one ukulele and a didgeridoo! 😂
    1x bass stack
    (session musician)
    and now for the pedals… 😉

  8. No Sale !! 👎🏻👎🏻 By the way where's the Fat guy in Memphis plant stomping on necks and cutting 345 bodies in half on the band saw ?

  9. There response to my email was as follows…… So sympathetic from this amazing [not] brand.

    That’s really unfortunate to hear.
    It’s always good to have pictures, because then we can send them to the appropriate division so that they can do something about it.
    Maybe the dealer can help you out further, as the guitar needs to be returned to the dealer in the first place.

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