32 thoughts on “Gameboy Classics – Survival Kids Full Play For Gameboy Color Full Gameplay By Manikinator

  1. Wow. I remember being too young to figure out the menu and how to use items so I just chased a rabbit in circles and got poisoned by the spider in the first screen
    There's no way I would have ever beaten this game! It's cool to see how deep it went though.

  2. Amazing how this game had diagonal movement, but it took Pokemon around five generations in order to let you move outside a grid.

  3. I did not know this game in the slightest, but I immediately loved it for 2 reasons: the soundtrack is really fantastic (and he says one of them that they never live the game boy era). The most interesting thing is that it reminds me of an unknown game for nintendo ds, with a different title but with practically the same gameplay.
    By chance, does anyone recognize this game?

    Ps. Sorry for google translate but i'm not very good in english.

  4. Just realized how weird it is that a guy and his 10 year old son were the only crew on board what looks like a cruise ship.

  5. Yeah, thanks a lot for zipping past all the dialogue so we have no fucking Idea of what he says or whats even going on. Geez…

  6. This game was one of the most amazing handheld games that I had played as a child. It really defined some of my days of gaming and I am glad I can see it on YouTube.

  7. Oh my god,can't believe I never knew about this game's existance. I don't get why is it so overlooked though, could've been as good as Pokemon or Megaman or LoZ. I say the same thing for the Medabot series though :c …

  8. Hey maybe you can help me out a little. I'm planning a tool assisted speedrun of this game and have some questions.
    1) Do you have to give the pendant to the other kid in order to make him fall in love with you, or does it not matter if you give him the pendant? Is using honey alone enough?
    2) Is there a timelimit at which the other kid doesn't appear anymore? Could you get most of the gems, and only then inspect both campsites to make him appear?
    3) During the trip on the raft, do you lose all your items? But you keep all the items you store in the hut, is that correct? So if you store the axe at the hut you would still find it there later, right?

    The last two questions are more speedrun oriented and probably need to be tested to be sure…
    4) On the map with the hut, at the very top there are trees that can be cut to unlock a passage to the mountain part (near where you find the battery). I was wondering if unlocking that path is permanent… i.e. You unlock it, then go on the raft trip, come back later and it's still unlocked.
    5) Can the square gem be collected before going back to the 1st half via one-way swamp exit? This would drain the swamp. Is going through the swamp any better than going through the cave at the waterfall?

    Thanks in advance!

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