3 thoughts on “Freefall Tournament: SnipingEZ #3 [Tactical Crouch in sniping]

  1. i think you left out one little thing (only matters in sniper 1v1s)
    when you press Q, your opponent thinks you stopped, take aim (or trying to fake Q, but nobody does that those times) but when you stop and dont press Q, just stand without doing anything for 0,5-1 sec: you can become more unpredictable. the Q says you stopped, the standing says that you are still moving, but still not, thats why its confusing… sometimes i just never Q, and see that the opponent that relies on predicting can't hit me.

  2. Great job PIS…
    as you always do… awesomely.. 🙂
    I wonder if you … sometimes make a sniping montage with a special guest (exp… rja12..pardone…Panda…) 
    it would be even more fun… :3

    thnx …
    best wishes…


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