First Class Tickets 🎫✈️ Cuba to Toronto Air Transat 🇨🇺🇨🇦

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39 thoughts on “First Class Tickets 🎫✈️ Cuba to Toronto Air Transat 🇨🇺🇨🇦

  1. Ken Love and Adore you but leaving your left overs to the Hotel Staff in Cuba just made me puke as when would you ever do that to Hotel Staff in America. Screw Cuba , hit the Maya Riverya in Mexico nex t time, same price but you dont support an Authoritative Gov….. Love ya Ken but wake up… lol

  2. I have really enjoyed your Cuban Videos Ken! as a fan since you have started, these are some of my favorites along with the ones where you got HIGH IN CALIFORNIA with those younger guys!

  3. Love the time lapse videography!! Looks so amazing!! Glad you and Carol had an amazing time! Hope you and the fam are good!! Love seeing Carol as well in the vlogs!! 😎😃

  4. The Cuban Customs have certainly got it in for you, Ken. Why not just hold your hands up and admit to being Canada's Top Spy Guy? Licensed to review burgers around the globe? 😉

  5. Did you and Carol got an upgrade for first class or did you paid yourself that ticket? I always dreamed about flying in the first class. However I can't effort that. Prices for first class are way too high for me.
    Anyway. Glad you guys enjoyed your cuba trip. Can't wait to see your upcoming japan vlogs.

  6. First class is not bad! I can't remember travelling in FC as it was ages ago. It was just me and my mum coming to India from Kuwait back in the 80s. Can't remember much of it but mum says it was pretty awesome.

  7. I know everyone has their favorite place to vacation but try the keys sometime. We lived there awhile and it looks so like Cuba. We lived there awhile. Key West is only 90 miles from Havana. Seeing your videos, it looks so much like The Key's. I don't know. Maybe Cuba is cheaper.

  8. This was the 1st time we have ever flown 1st Class.
    Make sure you participate in the poll, also many thanks to you for supporting us by watching this video series in Cuba.
    Ken & Carol

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