EXTREME BALI!!! RARE Sacred Animal Meal in Bali, Indonesia!!! (Once every ten years)

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» Dragonfly Village
1. WARUNG LESEHAN MERTHA SARI: Grilled Pepes + Sate Lilit Tuna + Sate Tusuk Tuna
ADDRESS: Jl. Kresna No.1, Pesinggahan, Dawan, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80761
GRILLED PEPES: In a bowl, mix chopped tuna, minced tuna, tamarind, ginger, bumbu genep (spice mix). Take a spoonful and place in the middle of banana leaves. Wrap and secure with a thin piece of bamboo stick. Place on the grill and cook.
SATE LILIT TUNA (TUNA SATAY) + SATE TUSUK TUNA: Wash the fish and grind thoroughly. Blend the smooth spices and stir-fry. Add additional spices. Mix seasoning with ground fish. Put mixture on skewer and grill. Serve with rice, tuna soup and sambal matah.
💸PRICE: 30,000 IDR/ 2.11 USD for one serving
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2. SAMSARA BALI – LIVING MUSEUM: Dragonfly Pepes + Landak
ADDRESS: Banjar Dinas, Jungutan, Bebandem, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80861, Indonesia
SOCIAL: @samsara_bali
DRAGONFLY PEPES: Filling: Mix together chillies, shallots, garlic, turmeric, salt and telengis (residue of coconut oil). Add dragonflies and mix. For a sweeter filling, add honeycomb to the mixture. Pepes Wrapping: Cut the banana leaves. Take a handful of mixture and put in the leaf. Seal it shut with a bamboo stick. Put the pepes on open wood fire and let cook for about 30 minutes.
LANDAK (Porcupine): Pour hot water over porcupine. Remove all quills, then place back in water and clean. Skin, debone and remove the organs. Sate: Mix porcupine meat with bumbu and make sate. Lawar: Grill heart and lungs and chop up the skin. Raw Lawar: In a big bowl, Mix shaved coconut and raw porcupine blood. Then add in boiled porcupine skin, grilled heart and liver. Add fried bumbu on top and mix everything together. Add in lime. Pour in porcupine stock (broth) and fried onions. Boiled Porcupine: Mix raw porcupine meat with bumbu then pour into pot cooking vessel to cook to boil.
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  2. Reincarnation is not the end road, it needs to be understood in the context of Moksha/transcendence/divine mergence.

  3. One guy is eating with left Hand…. what full of shit and lie …. shit fucking culture my ass … sick humans eat everything what moves

  4. This video broke the law of Indonesia Peraturan Menteri LHK nomor P.20/MENLHK/SETJEN/KUM.1/6/2018. Landak Jawa is a protected animal in Indonesia.

    (2) Everyone is prohibited from:

    a. capture, injure, kill, store, possess, care for, transport and trade protected animals in a state of life;

    b. storing, possessing, maintaining, transporting and trading protected animals that are dead;

    c. eject protected animals from one place in Indonesia to other places inside or outside Indonesia;

    d. trade, store or have skin, body, or other parts of protected animals or items made from these parts or remove them from a place in Indonesia to other places inside or outside Indonesia;

    e. take, destroy, destroy, trade, store or have eggs and or nests of animals that are protected.

    Violators can be punished with a maximum imprisonment of 5 years and a maximum fine of Rp 100,000,000 for those who deliberately violated them in accordance with Article 40 of Law No. 7/1999. Then for those who are considered negligent in violating the criminal sanction, it can be a maximum of 1 year and a maximum fine of Rp 50,000,000.

  5. Come to Uzbekistan (middle Asia) brothers. You will be absolutely astonished by our national dishes and experience the ancient cities like Khiva and Samarqand. I bet you have never tried such delicious and unique dishes like in our country!!!!

  6. Porcupines are rare protected animals in Bali!!! Why did you do this to a poor turtle? Don't you have normal food to eat? You kill rare animals for the hype of your channel. How dirty!

  7. Man.. eventho i was born in indonesia and went to bali for several times.. i never know this kind of food inside..

    Just wow.. 😮

  8. Why Am I always… ALWAYS… Crying while watching your video..
    It is so Beautifull..

    I Live in Nusa Dua for 3 Years… and now I live in Surabaya..;
    I Miss all of my friends in Bali, the scenery, All Balinese People.. the Atmosphere, … Thankyou… Thankyou so much..

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