Evolution of Iron Man (Tony Stark) in LEGO Marvel Videogames

A look at all of the Iron Man suits in LEGO Marvel Videogames on home consoles. This includes all versions of Tony Stark and all of his suit-up animations and transformations. I realize that Iron Man 2020 is Arno Stark, but included it anyway. The games covered here are LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 1 & 2 as well as LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.

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34 thoughts on “Evolution of Iron Man (Tony Stark) in LEGO Marvel Videogames

  1. Um Me:meh i do not get scared of hulkbuster that much cuz he tony and i am really scared of hulk… Hulkbuster:ok his whatever thing he says so much is this:i am hulk and hulk wanna smash cuz i am bored… Me:oh.. Iron man:bye

  2. Dissapoiting lego Marvel super heroes 2 have many iron man armor
    Like iron man armor in lego Marvel Avengers

  3. эволюция железного человека (тони старк) в лего марвел видеоиграх

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