47 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 140924 T-ara (티아라) Random Play Dance Weekly Idol Ep 165

  1. Please stop saying that the mc was harsh or something they do that to all group for a big example blackpink Jennie unnie she fell on the ground because it was strong but it’s hammer toy for god sake , other comments are bringing snsd unnideul into this that they give them more chances we all know snsd are kpop leGends but ITS NOT about popularity it’s because it has been a very long time that they were on a variety show and the positions of the dances changed they even got their members out because they forgot a lot of dances taeyeon even said “what song it is” GROW UP IMMATURE PEOPLE , T ARA unnideul don’t need from u to protect them like this

  2. The only girl group in Korea that I see has a solidarity between the members, they are beautiful, talented, hardworking, and have great personalities. They are like a real family, not as fake as many girl groups now

  3. Khúc 6:28 dù kết thúc nhưng hoàn thành nốt điệu này và đều với nhau. Rất tốt. T-ARA FIGHTING 😚

  4. Tbh they should treat T-ara like how they treat SNSD. T-ara has so many hit songs more than 10 thus they should give them rehearsal time and then T- ara girls discuss which song they should eliminate like choosing the songs that are wont performed

  5. what tf why are u all so sensitive???? The MCs treat every group including boy groups the same… And that plastic hammer doesnt even hurt… This is a variety show, what do u expect?? Weekly idol has always been like this, if you can't accept it, then why tf are u watching??

  6. That fat uglier MC rushing to change T-ARA wish For CAMEO.. & also say T-ara damce wrongly. Even there are no mistake….

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