[ENG] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP01 (Full)

Cha Yo-Han (Ji Sung) is a doctor of anesthesiology. He is arrogant, but he is a genius at his work. Kang Shi-Young (Lee Se-Young) is a resident of anesthesiology who works with Cha Yo-Han. She is smart, warm and listens carefully to her patients. People, with mysterious acute or chronic pain come to the hospital. There, Cha Yo-Han and Kang Shi-Young try to find the causes of their pain.
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39 thoughts on “[ENG] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP01 (Full)

  1. If someone ever tell me ji sung is a bad actor i'll fight you… i'll fight you anywhere anytime cause watching his dramas, movies even bloopers i can only see pure talent always working hard to give the best, to make the scene more intense more powerful no matter, Even seeing his eyes woulf take you deep in the story. His acting makes you speechless adding to that how handsome, funny, gentle he is plus his deep charming voice ? There people you have the best actor ever 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Please Give Me Your Opinions about this Drama .. Should I Watch it .. I Saw It several Time But Never Clicked On It Till Now .. is It Good??

  3. am matheo darngote from tanzani for sure ilike korea drama series cause make me comfortable and i learn other something its was amazing tv online iwish one day to come seoul in korea ibelive my dream come true and thank you SSB Drama channel

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