11 thoughts on “Elegoo Mars Review | My First SLA Printer (Reupload)

  1. Couple tips for you, select rounded supports in the slicer, break off your supports before curing, this limits the divots to be much smaller. Also no need for isopropyl, I use mr clean with great results. A lot less smell for it, almost pleasing. The masks that they provide should not be used get yourself a good mask capable of filtering out vapor.

  2. heres a tip, put some resin on the broken part of your print (like the tail) , put it on the print and expose to uv light. instant fix

  3. I see you have your exposure time set to 20 seconds. The default is 8 seconds and I bumped mine to 10.
    Was there a particular reason you have yours set that high?

  4. Little note, you are curing prints on a window sill for 30mins. Glass filters UV. so open the window and let it sit on the sill in the open air.

  5. that white plastic thing is used to hang the print bed from the frame at an angle to let resin drip off better, I'd recommend looking a ta video of someone doing it since im bad at explaining it

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