Elegoo Mars printer, review, and Making Money for less then $500.00

Hey Guys; Whether you are getting into jewelry design or interested in sla resin printers, check this out.
I’m going to show you in a series of tutorial videos how for under $500.00, you can get into this, and Make Money! Yes, it works!

Below are affiliate links on amazon.com, where you can get the products I discuss here. if you purchase within 24 hours of clicking the link, I get a small commission from Amazon, and this helps to keep my channel up and running, so Thanks!

Elegoo Mars

Anycubic Photon

MonoPrice SLA Printer

3d Resins

Castable Resins

Shop Towls, link free

Resin Filters

FEP Film

Microfiber towels


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8 thoughts on “Elegoo Mars printer, review, and Making Money for less then $500.00

  1. I got one of these, but my Focus is like yours but the "Trinkets" i make are Toy Prototypes, and so far it's working VERY well for me.

  2. But without the cad software for jewelry how do you get your designs? Ive looked into the software for making jewelry designs to print to then cast, and all of these softwares are well over $5000. So we are already well past spending $500 to start making money. Ive been curious about trying to make some jewelry designs, what software do you use? Please tell me there is a cheaper if not free software that is NOT blender, blender is a pain to use lol.
    Edit… i just went and looked through your videos, and its blender lol. Ill watch those and see if your videos will help me with blender. My problem with blender is most of it is by eye with little to no measurements.

  3. I just got my printer. I've been designing and getting pieces made through shapeways, but it's expensive. How do you get your pieces made?

  4. And with the money you make, you can buy a third grader's English book and learn the difference between then and than. 😅😅🤔😓😑😢

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