eBay Access Denied Fix You don't have permission to access eBay

I found this temporary fix to get into your account if you ever encounter You don’t have permission to access ” on this server. when trying to open ebay.
No call eBay if the error still exists after 24hrs.

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15 thoughts on “eBay Access Denied Fix You don't have permission to access eBay

  1. I've had this issue and it dissapeared half an hour later before I could find any solution on the Internet…

  2. What Locke Rhode said below. Plus:
    Bypassing the block via VPN is not a solution. This is a block by Akamai – the world's largest CDN service powering 10,000's of high-traffic sites, in response to malware-type behavior (web-crawling) from the IP you're accessing from. Find the compromised machine(s) on your network and eliminate them – then change your IP by changing the MAC address of your router (if connected to your external cable or DSL modem, if it's all one box, you're out of luck) and rebooting everything. If you do not eliminate the compromised machine(s) on your network, this block WILL return.

  3. I'M FIXED THAT. This problem is not on your computer, because i'm from other computer and phone also.
    Then i realized, with my mobile-net this problem is nothing, so i TURNED OFF AND TURNED ON THE MODEM and now everything is allright.
    I hope it works everywhere!

  4. I actually managed to find a solution, so I'll post here what I've posted on a couple of other places in order to spread some light on the issue.

    I've read tons of entries stating issues with HTML codes and suchlike being interpreted wrongly and thus blocking access to Ebay, as well as cookies and internet cache and whatnot. This apparently has nothing to do with the basic issue. I narrowed it down to the IP adress being banned for some reason, since any URL variation like (whatever).ebay.com worked just fine but not the basic www.ebay.com (or any other domain suffix). After some tinkering with my network connecton, I managed to obtain a new IP adress and lo, now the main domain www.ebay.com works!

    Depending on your setup, you might be able to release and renew your external IP through your network preferences in the Control panel, assuming your computer is directly connected to the internet. In my case, I have a router which means the external IP can only be reset through the router. I had to first get into the router settings, disable (release) the internet connecton, turn off the router (and unplug the power cord, just for good measure), leave it for a minute, turn it back on and then renew the connection and thus obtained a new external IP. This solved the problem.

  5. No, nothing to see here in terms of a solution. Whenever you get the "access denied" message when trying to enter Ebay, it's applied to the main ebay.com domain, not any of the subdomains (whatever).ebay.com, like the one displayed here (my.ebay.com), so that's not a solution.

  6. I have this prob with pp now…. although I can log in with 4G…… tried everything, except reinstalling browser

  7. This issue isn't an ISP, hardware or host related issue. Tracerouting "" (Ebay), "" (PSN), "" (Paypal) and many more of the URLs returning this message will show one thing in common; Akamai. For whatever reason your external IP is flagged for low reputation, and any site using Akamai will potentially deny access – "your reputation follows you".

  8. its not a ip ban i rang up ebay and my internet provider they said its not a block it something to do with Microsoft but i spoke with them they said i need to pay for something to fix it but its a rip off

    trust me its not a ip ban as t rang up ebay and they said i did not have no ban and there was no restriction as they got onto my ebay account it it was working fine they check my ip address and it was fine

    then i rang up my provider and i got a new hub with a new ip address and it work fine for about 4 days and then access denied pop up again

    you will all need to contact microsoft they give me this but did not work for me

    Kindly refer on the steps below regarding your concern:
    1. First restart the system and if done, press Windows and R keys on the keyboard then type and enter: sfc /scannow , dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
    2. Once scan reached 100%, run automated troubleshooter by Control Panel > Troubleshooting > View All > Hardware and Devices, System Maintenance, Windows Updates.
    3. Restart system after running the system scan and troubleshooter for changes to take effect. All should be good and resolved after, if not, please don’t hesitate to
    contact us back to reconsider the premium support plans that we recommend for this scenario.

  9. I recently came across this problem and I cannot get it solved. I been foung out about the temporarily roundabout way but it still doesn't let me do anything aside from that. The only way I can around is by using a proxy or VPN. Even if it is an IP ban (from what I don't know) I just recently went to sony website to make a PSN account for the very FIRST time in my life and even there I get this message! What the hell do I do!?

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