11 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 – Title Update 1.32

  1. So few weeks ago, Suzuki the Producer, tweeted about making an update and here it is. Probably not everything he had in mind. It's a small update, bringing four DW8 BGM 00:00 , ability to change and select multiple BGM through pause menu 00:41 , and a new difficulty mode 'Musou' 02:05 .

    Right, the seventh difficulty level, Musou, has arrived. lol. Obviously reading that made me excited at first because I've been limiting myself in the game to give the enemy a fighting chance. Official website, as usual, states the player-side penalty and enemy stats multipliers and rewards (EXP, consumable, and gems). Unfortunately, that's pretty much about it.

    As I said, I've been limiting myself in the game. That means I'm using variety of low to medium-end weapons and stripping myself of Accessories, especially Heaven and Earth Gauntlet which hyper armor completely negates enemy hostility. Lastly, no bloated limit break stats.

    Testing with this undergeared setup, I can safely say that enemy hostility is the same as Ultimate except with higher damage, which means faster death, though on additional note, I think you really have to be that reckless to get killed (as shown in my gameplay). Secondly, enemy HP is longer and spongy; personally a good time for me to finally use the highest grade weapons. Third, I noticed allied officers say "enemy is tough" more frequently (then defeated if not reinforced).

    There's no behavioral changes with the enemy so far I see (and I will edit this note when I found some). Without Heaven and Earth Gauntlet, I get interrupted from time to time. But a decent attack speed and well ranged moves still easily sweep over those poor soldier helplessly. Considering the combat system is combo streak oriented, a combo breaking attack is all cool and stuff, but damn, a reactive soldiers, combo-attacking enemy officer is still needed though to make this freaking seventh difficulty relevant.

    Played in Movie Mode. PS4 Slim.

  2. I came back to this game recently after taking a break from it for a few months, so I missed a few updates.

    I noticed that the Naval Battles now use much larger ships than they used to. Was that added in this update, or an earlier one?

  3. when you're not satisfied with ultimate and they proceed to add yet another difficulty
    i do wonder if you still can one hit people with bow from afar

  4. I wanna say thank you for always covering these updates quickly and easily explained. I'm really into warriors games and I have been holding out on playing DW9 due to the gameplay changes and overall design of the game that just didn't click with me after loving DW8XL CE on switch and Warriors Orochi 4. Ive thought for a while about finally getting into this game while I wait for Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate on February of next year and your coverage of the updates kinda helps me see if I'm interested in the game or not.

    Really the main thing that attracts me about this game is that its the latest warriors game for this current generation and that it has coop play, which is something I really haven't gotten to enjoy with the other warriors games as much as I would like, that's it. I recently downloaded DW8 Empires too on xbox one but it disappointed me that it doesn't have actual stages or story missions for regular story gameplay or free mode like xtreme legends which has an insane amount of content in comparison and that nobody plays it online anymore (at least on xbox), and I kinda stopped playing it because of it. It bores me to just play empire mode with no context by myself or dick around in free mode trying to make my own challenge. The only thing I really enjoyed of Empires besides the smooth gameplay and stratagems was raid scenarios because they are hard af and felt like actual difficult but balanced stages and not just some self made impossible challenge on empires "do it yourself" free mode. I just wish I could coop those few stages with someone.

    This game didn't attract me at all at first but then they seem to just keep adding things to the game over time trying to make it better regardless of the criticism, and I think that's admirable even if some things could be considered poorly implemented like the new difficulty modes.

    In your opinion is this game retardedly easy even on musou difficulty with a good build/setup? To the point where playing online coop is redundant and unnecessary? Because if that's actually the case then I don't think I'm that interested, same reason why I eventually disengaged from Warriors Orochi 4 despite the game being a lot of fun and why I'm excited for the ultimate edition and infinity mode to hopefully increase the replayability and challenge of the game like gauntlet in WO3U

    Thank you!

  5. I did cao pi what if last night again with jia xu. I could take 4 to 6 hits. I dont use crazy accessories. As mine usually are hp sp regen and gold or drop rate increase.

    Saying thar i still beat the story, but i felt rewards lacking. It be nice if later this difficulty gives fragments, weapon skins, weapons or emotes.

  6. I usually run three warrior plates and only play on Ultimate. Even with the damage boost my HP bar rarely moves. My biggest issue is the fact they just boost stats and don't increase AI ability or at least increase rewards. It's still easy but it takes longer. I don't think I want to put another 180 hours into the game to win much slower due to sponge gods. My frustration is that you'd have to limit yourself to make it challenging. That's not how games should work. It's always an option but not very conventional outside roleplay purposes. A 7th difficulty should definitely allow me to use all my maxed gear and still have a challenge. Not an easy five minute sponge battle. Thanks for the video by the way. Sorry, I had to rant lol.

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