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  1. A thing about that Dragon Spear: the Neutral Flow Attack actually has the fire dragon effect too, but you can't see it with Zhao Yun, cause his Neutral Flow Attack is his Unique Flow Attack.

  2. Okay, so this is a small update to celebrate DW2 release, adding on BGM 00:04 , Dragon Spear skin with visual effect 01:23 , and another amendments I have no idea about.

    So about the usual "how many fps on ps4" questions. If I knew, I would tell. The problem is, by asking such question you have answered your own question. That's right, I'm console peasant and there's no FPS counter on PS4 consoles. Hence I can't tell you, because I don't know specifically, and if I told you a random number, you wouldn't know if it's true either because after all, we are in Youtube and you still can't tell how many FPS it is from my video, right? I don't want to spread misinformation. It's already everywhere.

    What I can tell you is that I my gameplay footages were recorded by PS4 Fat (and now) Slim and among other compression, the captured video file is 29.97 fps and I also composed it into 29.97 fps video. Just like looking into a transparent bottled water inside a glass box of water, you can only measure how clean the water in the bottle as far as how clean the water in the glass box is. You can see if the game is being rendered by the machine lower than 29.97 fps, but not when it is over 29.97 fps. So you can basically try to roughly calculate the fps from the footages as reference. If you have the game, all updated on your PS4 Fat/Slim, then you will have the same game as I do and everybody else – unless your console has haunted house level of maintenance.

    History class a little bit to refresh your memory, back then on release version, the game was struck by dropping fps AND slow down problem during fights. Kind like the problem DW6 on PS3 had. Or any DW, especially those that tried to renew the game, on their original platform together with the flickering HUD. You survived right? Don't get spoiled on rehashed Warriors games ported on newer gen consoles. You can't compare. One is outdated work rehashed multiple times, the other is newer with more demanding techs to process. You can't install GTAIII on your new PC and then complain how GTAV runs in lower fps than your GTAIII. It's invalid.

    To put more details related to performance , the game has diverse biome. Tundra plain, forest, desert, highland, rocky mountain, and jungle with season and tropical variants in some areas, along with real-time time of day and its lighting, weather system, and as well as the itsy-bitsy character weathering, foliage physics, and world collision effect – all the stuff that you would complain when missing, but never appreciated when exist. Anyway, with all these you will definitely notice various performance in certain area or weather.

    Finally if you don't care about graphics, then their first aid kit solution from a year ago still exists until today. They added Graphic options on PS4 Fat/Slim under Options in main menu. Switch to Action Mode and have yourself a high fps at the cost of graphical details and elements such as anti aliasing, draw distance, depth of field, ambient occlusion, world detail layer, etc.

    This is console. I can't 'fix' the game or give any tips to optimize the software and hardware driver. If you still don't understand about FPS, then please just learn briefly about it. I know gaming community is about parroting buzzwords, but it never hurts to indulge yourself in knowledge. That's all and I hope this is clear enough.

    PS4 Slim

    Movie Mode

    Title Update 1.31

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