16 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 – Title Update 1.30

  1. This title update brings 4 high-end horses under Suzuka 8 Hours collaboration theme, to which all can be claimed for free from Stablemaster. Yes, they are on Red Hare stats, so this means you can have a Red Hare equivalent ride right off the bat. The Title Update itself is very straightforward and self-explanatory, I don't see any undocumented changes in the game that I can be sure of before talking, but I did a test on one of the new horses and put it in this video. Yes, again, the Iron Horse is Red Hare equivalent.

    00:00 New BGM

    01:25 Daily Campaign Bonus

    01:50 Extra Campaign Bonus

    02:21 Four New Horses – the Iron Horse Phoenix, Tiger, Dragon, Qilin

    03:27 Iron Horse level 100 stats comparison with other Rares
    (there's a typo. It's supposed to be Tiger, not Phoenix)
    04:41 Shit

    Suzuka 8 Hours Collaboration DLC Costumes for Cao Pi, Zhen Ji, Zhao Yun, Guan Yinping, Lu Xun, SSX, Zhong Hui, Wang Yuanji are sold separately.

    Title Update 1.30

    Movie Mode

    PS4 Slim

  2. so do they improve the co op? is it still whenever co op people joining or in map menu, all missions will stop processing?

  3. I recently decided to ignore the reviews and give the game a fair shot, I don't know why but I'm enjoying it besides the shit tier performance (movie mode really kills my eyes). I'm interested if they miss a complete edition this time or not.

  4. Hi, how to improve fps on the console (xbox one s) i didn't play this game for 2 months and when i play today game sucks , dropping fps

  5. Wear DLC costume? Does that apply to any ie season pass outfits or just the recent ones (so have to play Zhao Yun, Guan Yinping etc).

  6. nice horse. love the colour of wei , shu and jin. even though i love and fav wu . but wu horse colour doesnt attract me much

  7. Thank you for making each update of Dynasty Warriors 9 more clearly because when the game updates, sometimes I get confused as well.

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