11 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 – Title Update 1.29 (Time Attack)

  1. Alright, I never shared my videos anywhere, but I've been noticing more shitposts in recent title update videos that I had to clean up while fishing out some false-flagged questions/comments. If you don't like DW9 so much or having the urge to tell me the why you don't like this game that is toootally original and knowledgeable that I must agree or die – I don't give a shit. It's been more than a year; get a move on! You're pointless and this game should no longer concern you. Or just head to other channel or forums where you can meet your like-minded people where you can hear/read strictly to what you want to say. All I'm humbly begging for is kindly spare this fricking space for actual players. So please. It really doesn't matter when you use that [I've been a fan since DW3…] template and "MAGIC" meme because you will reveal yourself how fake you are soon after. You're not anywhere more credible with that.


    Now on topic, it's been 2 months since the last update. It's certainly not the first time for them to go on hiatus. Back in September or October they were preparing a more updates and DLC. In a (Japanese) interview article some time around then, they announced SP2 and hinted at SP3. Basically, they have never said anything else after Season Pass 3. Still, you don't just go MIA for 2 months and drop a new mode, a set of bonus, and tweaks (Ordeal nerf) out of the blue.

    With the daily campaign bonus going until 4 July, we have EXP bonus everyday and even more EXP bonus on Tuesdays. So if you're looking to level your animal companions, horses (if you collect more Rare than Red Hare, Shadow Runner, and Hex Mark), or characters you rarely play, this is good time. Bring them as bodyguards, ride your horse and do some horseback kills.

    Yes, speaking of Ordeal, it's been nerfed and now their difficulty has been fixed to Normal. There's a jarring easier experience because of this. What I'm afraid is that they give up on improving the game difficulty and instead going back into 'just let people easily win' hole. I'm actually annoyed at this and therefore, please excuse the snarky vibe in the video.

    00:00 BGM (4)

    01:31 Daily Campaign Bonus new schedule until 4 July

    01:57 New Ordeal: Time Attack

    07:40 Undocumented change: Ordeal Nerf

    12:17 Me complaining

    Title Update 1.29

    PS4 Slim

    Movie Mode

    Action Mode for Indefatigable footage

  2. I am actually fine with the ordeal nerfed tbh due to the fact that the highest difficulty can play on is normal. But I guess it would be better if they add a way to pick a difficulty for ordeals and increase rewards the higher the difficulty is.

  3. There's EXP bonus EVERYDAY?

    Damn, that was the bonus that i hate the most last time because it made me overleveled too fast.

  4. Thank you for covering stuff not in the patch notes. I'm always looking forward to your videos when a new update drops.

  5. Yeah, agree
    I'm quite shocked about the nerf, especially Lu Bu in the Rampage ordeal. He's less challenging now 😅😅
    Thanks for the update 👍👍

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