17 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 – Title Update 1.27 (Bodyguard, Animal Companion, Rampage Ordeal)

  1. Good start, but one bodyguard is not enough. Add supporting troop bodyguards. Like officer bodyguards and grunt bodyguards.

  2. Games like 'Fortnite & Epic' prove that games can be patched after release..

    KOEI TECMO should release a TITLE UPDATE which allows:
    *This DIFFICULTY MODE will prompt The Player to take Any Level 100 OFFICER n Re-Play THEIR STORY WITH MAX'd Out LEVELS..
    *this Mode SHOULD consist with ALL NEW CUTSCENES & OFFICER CONVOS between Battles.. Re-DONE with The Right Feeling and/or ADDED IN CG..
    (these are also still skippable & WILL BE SAVED to GALLERY)
    *EXTRA DIFFICULTY will require the Open World MAP To Be Re-filled with Harder ENEMY A.i..
    (as if to alter the Game from being a '1 v 1,000 to a '1 v 1,000,000 between a Mix of Enemies Throughout The Open World)..
    (things like MORE ENEMY TROOPS & Aggressive GIANT ANIMALS or Both Simultaneously! can Be Noted Along Travel Routes)
    (more sightings of MOUNTED SOLDIERS & HOSTILE ANIMALS & ARCHERS can Be Set to intersect the Travel Routes of The Open World Map and it's Locales)..
    (picture EXTRA COMMAND CAPTAINS situated in Boats Along Riverways & Lakes or ENEMY TROOPS WITH TRAINED ANIMALS which Defend Them at All times)

    *For the Characters Who ARE NOT "Level 100.. the DIFFICULTY MODE is 'Unavailable as the Base Game 'DW9 settings will still remain..
    *This IS so until the selected OFFICER is Raised to a "LEVEL of 100.. IF they've not already achieved it.. ONLY THEN will The MODE Be Available for those particular Officers..
    Also.. COMPANIONS and ANIMALS with Their LEVELS Should Be CARRIED OVER into The EXTRA DIFFICULTY MODE as well as HIDEAWAYS in order to Assist..
    (still just because an OFFCER is Level 100.. depending on their 'Builds They can still be challenged in certain ways)..

    Mind you.. I mention this in hopes to both provide a bit of means for Re-Play Value for the Avid Player who is more than likely 100% in this Game with nothing to do..
    As well as to provide a method for KOEI TECMO to take advantage of the time in order to FIX 'the lack there-of for the supposed in-Game Cinematics & detested Voice Overs..
    it would Be a shame to leave the DW9 project without at least presenting it's Potentially Finer Points in its Overall Lore & Stories..
    (to compliment the in-Game Narrations of DW9.. sure the Fans would appreciate the Greater Benefits of being both Treated to More IMERSIVE & CAPTIVATING CUTSCENES Between Battles)..

    KOEI TECMO & OMEGA FORCE Should spend a Whole 'SEASON 4 on Patching n Fine Tuning Weapons & Characters..
    and then use 'SEASON 5 or 6 on ADDING BETTER CUTSCENES FOR ALL LEVEL 100 OFFICER'S & THEIR CAMPAIGNS for the 90+ Useable OFFICERS as I have already mentioned above..
    These Title Updates CAN Be released ALL at Once or in Segments.. As long as the fans ARE notified as to Which OFFICER will be Ready for LvL.100 DIFFICULTY..
    (this way KOEI TECMO can provide a Motive to play the title Release AGAIN.. while the fanbase Would Be Fully Rewarded for The Efforts Re-Playing The Game on A New Difficulty!
    (each Officer will have Improved Cutscenes to set the tone of Their individual Storylines and in between battle Convos)

    *By completing The LEVEL 100 DIFFICULTY MODE for an individual OFFICER.. IS the ONLY means of UNLOCKING The IMPROVED CUTSCENES for That Particular OFFICER within the Game..
    with that They Can later be stored & viewed in Your GALLERY MENU (however during campaigns the Player is still able to save & continue at Checkpoints in this Mode)

    still.. just an idea..
    thnx4reading – if u did

  3. Just found out about this channel through trying to find out how to upgrade my companions. Thank you for making these videos, they’re really helpful.

  4. I have a question for the hiding place. what is the object and where we can find them. the stable for the horse. the object to grow grass. and change the weather. thank you

  5. I've been waiting for your video ever since the update dropped. Haven't tried any of this yet since I've been playing other games but I'm excited to test it out. Thanks again for your videos. 🙂

  6. They added Avenging Battle and Great Red Spirit?!?!?!? I can't wait for this update to come to the Xbox One!!!!!!!!!

  7. EDIT: There are some undocumented changes in the game
    – Boats at Battle of Ruxukou (Wu side) have been changed to Ships
    – Checkpoint rewards are given directly instead of using boxes
    – Checkpoint Tower Archer will now jump down (and draw sword) when you are getting closer to them.
    – Crossed Pike DLC quick-return bug has been fixed and no longer empties Special gauge
    – Wild animal attack is now blockable (and thus allows guard counter)
    – Improvement on fps (movie mode). Just feels more ironed.

    **You can use the Bodyguard system to level the specific character up. The EXP is shared. They will attack as you do, though obviously wouldn't pull a combo. Just some random attacks and even Finisher.

    Didn't really have much time testing around, but interesting stuff regardless. Bodyguard system was one of people's requests that I find to be rather nitpicky and pointless to have in recent Warriors game – and I still feel so here since I can already perform more monster than 5 beasts and 1 additional human combined, which that leads to one thing again: I need the enemies to be more hostile; not just fight, but also to be actively able to break my chain, counter, and get away because I'm armed with offensive, parrying, evasive moves and so bodyguard can have their purpose as well as distraction and such, like in Souls, Toukiden. However, still, I must give credits to the effort. They could have just applied this to the most flat menu-based method, but instead they applied this to the existing features, which are Hunting and Friend systems, and that still taking into account the animal Skill varieties, upgrading, and human bodyguard that uses your characters' progress and settings. Who knows one day we could switch to bodyguard character like in SW4. Just hoping the level would be more difficult when that happens.

    Together with this TU, they also introduced like a live bonus-thingy. Today they make rare coins easier to drop and easier to capture animals. Campaign Bonus schedule from 4 April – 18 May:
    Mon: Money drop buff
    Tue: EXP buff
    Wed: Mat drop buff
    Thu: Book of Musou drop buff
    Fri: Rare Coin drop buff
    Sat: Anesthetic Arrow effect buff
    Sun: Synthesizing Fragment drop buff

    Available Companion: Tiger (all variant), Wolf (all variant), Bear (all variant), Deer, Panda, Elephant, Flame Tiger, Wolf Pack, Lightning Bear and their Revisited variants
    Available Hideaway Guardian: Dog, Pigeon, Cat, Chicken, Pig
    Available Companion Skill (from Official Website): Rush attack (Elephant), Break Gauge damaging attack (Tigers), blow enemies up in the air when player is hit (Wolves), take over damage when player is hit in range (Bears), slow down movement (Deer), recover allies within range (Panda)

    00:00 BGM
    00:38 Emote
    01:28 Exploring bodyguard system
    08:15 Animal companion and guardian
    11:08 New Ordeal Rampage and Reward

    PS4 Fat. Movie Mode

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