43 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 – One Year Later Overview

  1. They should release sort of Legacy Boxset with Dynasty Warriors 2-6 for PS4 and Xbox. Update resolution, 60 frames, 360 camera etc.

  2. I was waiting for video like this thanks I still playing this game i unlocked all the achievements trophies and stories love you so much love the game now they have 2player dw9 is the best for me from the start but I recommend you to play it or try it free trail I hope they continue updating a lot has been happened in the game many changes love you koei thanks

  3. I am glad that its getting updates but kinda hate that the updates are not really fixing the main issues, look I just hope with newer installments that they make a DW still true to the series, dont worry about historical accuracy just go for the out this world weapons and armours, but I definately thought those monster battles were pretty cool, I think DW could be more fun to play if it tapped into mythology more often and that the game is more difficult.

  4. Yo the last one Ive played was the 5th one jeez I cant believe I forgot about this game. This looks dope as hell

  5. Went into the comments section to see if it was filled with angry teenagers ranting about how DW9 sucks. Was not disappointed.

  6. When "it's mostly playable" is one of the first things you can say as an improvement after a year of post-release patching, the game is garbage at its core.

  7. I didn't like this game and I still won't buy it back, what I didn't like about it was open world does't really suit it. the battles sucked, it was 80% traveling and 20% fighting

  8. The online is rough. The net code isn’t great. Sometimes you can’t progress unless you kick your second player because, even though you killed all the enemies on your screen, you’ll see your teammate still fighting ghosts. My fiancé and I played side by side, and we were fighting tigers in the forest. I beat all mine, but she was still fighting on her screen. I couldn’t see them on mine, and I could walk through them, but they were still somehow tangible because I could hit them if I lined up with them just right on her screen. I enjoy the game for what it is, but it is rough in its entirety, even after the updates. I’m hoping they learn from this game, and iron things out better in DW10. The open world could be great. Fishing, hunting, smithing gear, etc. there should be more incentive to do all that, and it should be enjoyable. They did so much, but they didn’t know how to work it into the Dynasty Warriors formula, and that’s where they should grow. The foundation is there, but how can it be better improved?

  9. It’s nice how they updated the game but I’m sorry they should’ve started the game like this. The fact that I have to pay money for the season pass to have bodyguards and having non-cloned weapons is just disgraceful. I can play dw8 where everyone has different weapons and I don’t have to pay for shit. It’s ridiculous. They released the game when it essentially even finished and it took 5years!!!!!!! Dw8 came out in 2013 and in 2018 this is what they opened up with? That’s terrible. And I’ve been a fan and playing all the games since dw3

  10. I like the game and everything but it gives one reason that this game is trash for me.
    " Voice acting " so terrible

    I want Lu Bus voice from dw 6 7 8
    Guan Yus voice 6 7 8
    Zhang Liaos voice 6 7 his voice changed by DW 8 already

  11. « So uh mhhh they uh fixed the game they added online play that barely works uhhhh 3 season passes, and uhhh cpu that fights with you something games have since the late 80 so now you can roam an empty open world map with a cpu and a cpu animal»

    WOW it sure looks great now, purchasing 5copies.

  12. I feel like majority of ppl of think this game is still bad are just following other people opinions honestly I enjoy this game and i can't be the only one and this one is better than "some" dynasty warriors games but my opinion 3 was my favorite

  13. Are people seriously disliking this guy’s video because he said DW9 has gotten better? Lmao. You DW fans are pathetic. No wonder Koei isn’t listening to your crap anymore.

  14. Most devs would of dropped support if a game was that bad, this game still gets updates shows they are proud of their work and care enough to release new content and fixes.

  15. I’m sorry but this is not a dynasty warriors game the story mode sucks, the battles are lacking heart and it’s just doesn’t have a feel of an actual dynasty warriors game, go play dynasty warriors 5.6 or 8 empires this is so bad make a dynasty warriors game where there a good story mode like dynasty warriors 8 empire

  16. My favorite DW game was DW4! The chasing down of supply captains (level 4 ultimate weapons) that appeared when you met certain stage requirements was fun. My wife was my constant co op partner in that game. Whoa… fun times!

  17. It has definitely improved but it'll never be among the best. I'm playing through it at the moment buts theres so many problems. The worst being how many loading screens there are, it's worse than Sonic 06.

  18. Funny how people say this game is bad, when I thought dw8 was completely to boring and easy to me. I prefer this game over that, but 7 is still the best newer dynast warriors. Samurai warriore Spirit of Sanada is my favorite warriors game so far. Above warriors orochi 4 even.

  19. Thank you for the update. I've been a Dynasty/Samurai Warriors fan for years and I was disappointed on the intial release of this game but I'm definitely happy that it's received updates

  20. I'm glad someone did a year later review. When it was first announced it looked really good. After reviews and playing the demo…i was disappointed… it just didn't feel like a dw game. I get the direction they were trying to do. The lack of npcs and and liveliness of the world wasn't there, the combat and modes felt lackluster, but again as an open world direction I see why but still wish it had more npcs or enemies and interaction. Anyways going back to your video, I watched it fully and I'm actually going to pick it up. I'm glad I waited and for 10 bucks used, i think it's worth trying to play now and see how much it improved(I know not by much and ground-breaking but still)

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