40 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 Is Not The Same Game That It Was A Year Ago!!『真・三國無双8』

  1. I got the a game recently, and I will say it's a hell of a lot better than what it was at launch. KOEI did the right thing in updating the game. Although I don't condone the excessive prices on the DLC, I can't deny that there's still hope for this game. Overall I'm actually liking it.

  2. They should just release an Xtreme Legends version of the game with all the updates and dlc content and whatever else they wish to add

  3. Hope extreme legends changes the combat and hopefully empires keeps the open world and adds a neat command system and rehires the old voice actors or give better direction to the new guys even though the old actors would be a better option.

  4. Am I the only one who just once a little more advanced combat system maybe as a free update I think I'm asking a little too much from koei

  5. 0:47
    "it has been fixing most -"

    Standing inside building
    Dozens of mooks onscreen perfectly still
    Horse flies out of nowhere
    Ride into – yes INTO shop, buy and sell junk items

    I'm sorry. I can't take this seriously.

  6. Dynasty Warriors 9 is EASILY the best Dynasty Warriors game out there! You can't get any better than this, a must own for fans!

  7. Whoever still plays this game i applaud you i couldnt even get passed 3 hours playing this game felt like torture but idk why people supports this they want ya'll to pay for dlc on this trash 3 SEASON PASSES you kidding me its disgusting

  8. Owned every musou games on home console since DW2 and DW9 has become the best for me and it's was proven most of the hate for this game is complete bullshit to an hilarious degree actually most peoples complains about issues who are not in the game at all or where worse in previous episodes.

  9. I can’t forgive them for taking the weapons away and then having the nerve to selling them back, this season pass crap is getting out of hand.

    How money do they want for a fraction of the content dw8xl has?

    However, the hypothetical scenarios do look enticing, so I’ll wait for a complete version way down the line.

  10. "Get the game when its dirty cheap"?! I wouldn't even pirate this. Let's be frank here; this game was an absolute train wreck when it lunched and it took them a YEAR to fix. Why even shill this trash heap? Look at Hyrule warriors and Fire Emblem warriors and them back to this and tell me KT could not have done MUCH better that this. And no the open world aspect is not the issue here. KT thought they could make a lazy cash grab and just rake in the cash, and by the looks of it KT are right to do so when people still buy their games when they refuse to improve.

  11. It's not the same game. It's not!

    It has more DLC now as well!

    P.S – It's still a fucking lifeless piece of shit that they've ended up charging iconic weapons as DLC.

  12. DW 9 is not the same DW I playing.
    If anyone ask me. What are best part of game DW ?
    My answer is DW 3 EL, Warriors Orochi 2 on PS 2 is the best parts of DW
    Two parts up look like T R U E Hack'n'Slash game ever in DW

  13. Just my opinion but the Open World would’ve probably worked better with Empires not the mainstream series.

    May checkout what happened since last year because I haven’t played it since last February lol

  14. I feel like this game was overhated…

    It's not the best DW game, but it sure as hell wasn't the worst… the series has been evolving throught it's lifespan and honestly, the main bulk of the hate is that it's open world instead of being walled off sections…

    Which is ironic… some complaints were about maps being too small and now it's too large… make up your minds guys…

  15. I wont even begin to lie, one of the biggest turn offs for this game is the garbage voice actors that replaced all the ones they've had for the previous games. Obviously referring to the English voices here. I would've preferred they stuck with the old formula as well but oh well. No amount of updates will fix this game for me, it is the only game in the series I do not own or plan on owning

  16. instead of saying that this game is not the same as a year ago SAY WHAT CHANGE! has AI changed? it shouldn't take 5mins before you get into it.

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